Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Autumn in the Air

"Cooler air, apple picking, pumpkins and the beautiful colors of leaves changing. Oh, how we love the hint of autumn in the air!" ~Mama Hen 
Little Chick has been enjoying the cooler weather and getting ready for autumn. She made a beautiful wreath for the door and lots of red and green apples to decorate our windows. She has been enjoying time with friends outdoors and has been working hard on her school work. Between it all she has been taking care of all the little kittens we are fostering and making sure that Whiskers is on the road to recovery. We also helped the stray cat that has been around our yard and made sure to get her vaccinated and spayed. Little Chick started back with Brownies and has been having a wonderful time! This week she and her troop made cards for the soldiers to put in care package our church will be sending next week. It has been a fabulous few weeks since my last post. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Little Kitty Foster Mommy

  "There are a chosen few God has hand picked to be little animal angels here on earth; to protect, care for and love abundantly."
~Mama Hen 
Little Chick is an angel to all animals here on earth. I am sure God has picked her to love and protect her furry family and friends always. Little Chick has become a foster mommy to 5 week old little kittens. She has said many times that she would like to rescue animals when she is older. We are already animals rescuers and have helped many little animals in need. She will grow to be an amazing mama to many, many more animals. On the first day we had 7 kittens we brought home. We gave them a bath and lots of love. Our little kitties have fleas and will need a few more baths to make sure those pesky critters are gone for good. Little Chick has been an excellent mommy to all of the little babies in her care. Two kittens have already been adopted out and went to their homes already. Little Chick has named her furry babies Jelly Bean, Einstein, Tobey, Sprinkles and Trixie. The kittens are a lot of work, but an abundance of joy comes from caring for these tiny babies. Tonight we had to give them another bath. Little Chick and Grandma Hen have been so wonderful with helping bathe, dry and cuddle up with the kittens. The three kittens, Jelly Bean, Einstein and Tobey absolutely adore Little Chick and sit on her lap most of the time while the other kittens run around playing. She is their mommy for now and giving them so much love and attention. I am so proud of my Little Kitty Foster Mommy!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Giving Heart

"Give of yourself as often as you can.
God blessed us all with an abundance of love.
Let it pour out every day."
Mama Hen
Little Chick went to the animal shelter over a month ago to tell them that she would be asking friends and family to donate to the shelter in lieu of any birthday gifts for herself.  When we were there she fell in love with a cat that had been hit by a car the previous weekend. She asked if she could visit this animal every day to give it love. Well, every day she has been going to the shelter to give love to all of the animals. The cat she fell in love with and named Whiskers is sitting on my lap as I write this post. We LOVE this cat! She still has her cast on, but now she gets loving all day and has a cozy home to romp and play. Little Chick gathered many donations to bring to the shelter. Last week she brought them to the shelter and everyone there was very thankful. While we were there she saw three new puppies that had been left at the front door of the shelter in a box with no information on them. She has been visiting these puppies often and the shelter even let Little Chick name them. She named them Dixie, Penelope and Rosie. Dixie has already been adopted out. Yesterday when we went to the mailbox Little Chick had a big envelope addressed to her name. Inside was a beautiful Certificate of Appreciation for her donation. We have framed it and hung it on the wall. Little Chick dreams of rescuing animals and wants to one day have a rescue center for all the animals that need a home.

Little Chick named the puppies Dixie, Penelope and Rosie 

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Very Special Day

"God blesses us all with special friendships.
It is up to us to nourish them and watch them grow."
~Mama Hen
Today is a day my great bloggy friend, Annette from Mommy Spirit, and I have been planning for four years. We finally were able to meet together and I am so very happy we did. I only wish it had been sooner. Little Lewie and Little Chick had so much fun together. I knew they would. When I began my blog years ago I found Annette's blog and we have enjoyed commenting on one another's posts and watching our children grow as each year has passed. Today was such a special day for me. Annette is amazing! She is warm, kind, full of strength and a phenomenal mommy. It was truly a blessing to finally meet my bloggy friend and adorable Little Lewie. Little Chick talked about her new friend all the way back home.  I am thankful we were finally able to meet and look forward to our next fantastic day out together.

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