Friday, July 6, 2012

Overflowing Gifts

"Surround yourself in God's abundant blessings. He has given us an overflowing amount of gifts to be appreciated and cherished each day." ~Mama Hen

Our adventure continues here in New Hampshire. We have been filling our days with God's abundant blessings. On the fourth of July we headed to The Flume for a glorious hiking adventure. We were there on our last trip and Little Chick could not wait to hike it again. I took a bad fall at the start of the hike and really hurt my knee and ankle, but that did not stop me from moving forward on our trek. We packed a picnic lunch and ate along the cascading water. Beautiful! After the Flume we were tired, but decided to take a tram to the top of a mountain and hike a bit at the top. This was breathtaking! Then on July 5th we went to Storyland. Little Chick was so excited when she saw Pooh Bear! We went on many rides and the beautiful Queen Swan boat where we encountered a pirates ship passing by. Little Chick had her face painted like a princess. We ended the day with a fantastic dinner, ice cream and some swimming. It has been an amazing journey!



  1. Oh no - hope your knee and ankle are doing better! Your pictures are fabulous - you really make me want to get in the car and drive up there!

  2. What wonderful adventures you all are having! It looks like a fabulous place to visit. ♥

  3. The pictures are amazing. Looks like a beautiful time.

  4. always enjoy your posts --so many fun adventures!! hope your knee and ankle feel better, you are a true mom, up and at 'em : )



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