Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day Trip to Old Sturbridge Village

"Thank You dear Lord for each and every blessing! ~Mama Hen
It was a beautiful day and I surprised Little Chick with a day trip to Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. She was so happy! We loved seeing all of the new baby lambs. There were so many! Then Little Chick and I discovered an abundance of lady bugs on the window panes in some of the houses. We spent lots of time gathering as many as we could on paper and brought them outside. They were so happy to flutter about. We kept going in and out carrying more and more ladybugs. Little Chick is my animal rescuer and could not leave without helping her nature buddies. The day was magnificent!


  1. How fun! We have to go there together some day! I love the fact that you and Little Chick were rescuing all the lady bugs. Little Lewie reminds me every day that they bring good luck. May lots and lots of good luck be heading your way--soon!!!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! She's such a sweet hearted girl..just like her mama!



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