Thursday, May 17, 2012

Little Chick in the Big Apple

"Thank you dear Lord for the brilliance of each new day."
~Mama Hen

Today I surprised Little Chick with a trip to the Big Apple. She was so happy! We took the train in and had a ladies luncheon right when we got there. The waiter thought Little Chick was so cute and funny! He gave her an orange juice on the house. We then went to Rockefeller Center and to St. Patrick's Cathedral. Little Chick could not wait to light a candle for her Granddaddy. She also wanted to light one for Cuddles and Pudding. It was beautiful! On our way back we stopped at the American Girl Doll store where I told her she could pick one outfit for her doll. She picked a fancy dress and said she wanted her doll to wear it on her birthday. When we came home she immediately put the party dress on and made a big party with all the friends, Grandma Hen and me. It was a fun day!

We took a taxi ride for a few blocks, because Little Chick wanted a taxi ride. How cute!
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family 2.) Surprises and taking trips. 3.) Seeing Little Chick's smile each and every day! She lights up my world! 4.) Warm days and cool nights. 5.) Time spent with family.


  1. Warm days and cool nights... the perfect weather for me! I LOVE going into the city. St. Patricks cathedral is so beautiful!

  2. how fun! one of my most favorite places is NYC! Loved seeing St. Patrick's's amazing!

  3. Ok that last picture of little chick's 'friends' is just the most precious thing, ever.
    How wonderful to be so close to all the culture.
    Have a blessed weekend.


  4. How fun! So sweet of her to light those candles, she's such a sweetie!

  5. Another fun trip! What a year of memory making.



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