Friday, May 4, 2012

New Hampshire's Beauty

365 Days a year for a lifetime is simply not enough time to see and explore all of God's great gifts." ~Mama Hen

Our trip to New Hampshire has been filled with so many fantastic things! The vast beauty everywhere is breathtaking. We have made each day an exploratory opportunity. Even with rain and fog, we make sure we see as much as we can see and learn as much as we can learn. This week we explored several trails and saw some amazing bridges. We hiked to Sabbaday Falls to see the gorgeous water fall. We walked along the river and stopped to see all the beauty along the way. We have made journeys to little towns and love having lunch and talking with the friendly people from around here. We loved visiting the Science Center on Squam Lake. We saw a myriad of animals that can be found here in New Hampshire's forests. It was exciting to see the Bobcat and Black Bear! Yesterday we went to the state capitol, Concord, and enjoyed seeing the State House and the statues of Franklin Pierce (our fourteenth president), the bell and so much more. We made sure to go to the Planetarium where Little Chick got to sit in a cockpit and fly a jet. It has been a fantastic journey!

Playing games and roasting marshmallows.


  1. You're making me miss New Hampshire! Great pics!!

  2. It looks like an amazing place to visit! Love seeing the happy photos. :-)

  3. Oh what fun Lil C is having! Hope you are doing well....

  4. I love your quote Mama Hen! You're right--365 days a year for a lifetime is not enough time to enjoy and experience all of God's beautiful gifts! You're definitely inspiring me to do more things on the weekends with my beloved little boy. We definitely have to do some overnight trips too. Thanks for the inspiration. Your joy is contagious.

  5. Love all your trips!
    What kind of marshmallow game was it?

  6. i love that you share such fabulous pictures from your trips to such beautiful places...some places I'll probably never see, but with your pictures I am able to discover places I've never known...

    beautiful memories you all are always making...



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