Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Thursday & Horses

"Dreams that come from the heart are meant to be lived, loved and cherished." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick would love to live on a farm. I try to fuel this passion for horses by taking her to the horse farm as often as I can. I wish I could actually give her a horse. She loves and adores them and could spend hour after hour simply being with them. If Little Chick is not taking care of them, feeding them and hanging out with them, then she is riding them. Who knew that when I showed her the movie "National Velvet" at 3 1/2 years old and she said, "Mommy when can I ride a horse" right after the movie ended and did not let up until her fourth birthday, that an incredible passion was kindled. I love helping my daughter's dreams come true.
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) Helping Little Chick's love for horses and wanting to be with them be a reality. 3.) Dinners with Little Chick, Grandma Hen, and my great friend Geri at the beach. 4.) Autumn's cool nights, apple and pumpkin picking, decorations and the warm feeling it creates. 5.) Pumpkin muffins and a yummy cup of coffee.


  1. I just made pumpkin muffins!! It is that time of year. They make the house smell so amazing. That is wonderful how you are fostering and encouraging Little Chick's love of horses!! Maybe one day it will be a reality for you both!

  2. I love those pictures! It reminds me so much of my childhood. She will have some wonderful memories when she's older. I honestly think all the time spent at the horse farm, caring for my horse, kept me out of trouble as a teenager!

  3. I love thos photos. I really want my daughter to go horseback riding someday.

  4. beautiful pictures MamaHen.... Little Chick is a cute as ever....!!


  5. She has such a caring soul - I love seeing these photos of her and the horses. She's learned that from you, Mamma Hen. Be proud of her . . . and be proud of yourself.



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