Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Day at the Beach

"A day at the beach filled with exploring, flying and creating castles is heavenly." ~Mama Hen
We had a fantastic day at the beach yesterday! We explored and collected beautiful shells, ran with the seagulls, went swinging on the swings and had fun simply being in the moment. We were there all day! I decided not to bring my cell, which made it very peaceful staying focused on all the delightful gifts we could find at the beach. Sometimes it can be so easy to get distracted by things that consume our days. I was so happy to live each moment with my baby soaking in God's beauty all around us. It was a lovely holiday with Little Chick and Grandma Hen!


  1. What beautiful photos of all of you at the beach! We went to the beach a week ago and LOVED, like you said, just being in the moment. I came back with a pocket full of rocks from Lewie. I recently just discovered them, and boy did they make me smile :) I'm still looking forward to our Mystic visit...maybe sometime at the end of the month or early Oct.?

  2. What a cute photo of your mom and LC!
    Such a great idea about leaving your phone. I often bring it for the pics and end up texting or checking email - such a good suggestion from you.
    Hope all is well

  3. Hi new follower from http://craftyhousemom.blogspot.com Would love a visit from you

  4. I think she resembles your mom so much. Maybe not the skin tone and hair color, but her features . . . they are all her. LOVE these photos, these moments, these memories. Love them all.



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