Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little Chick's First Diorama

"To create something with one's own hands is a fulfilling process and the results so rewarding." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick made her first diorama this week. She was supposed to choose a book and create a scene depicting where the story took place. She chose to do The Mitten by Jan Brett. She had so much fun from the very beginning while searching for the right size box at a few shoe stores all the way to the very last touches of adding animals and a snow covered log. Each step of the way Little Chick used her imagination and creativity to make the best diorama she could. She began by looking for some branches in the backyard that she would use for the trees. She painted them white and added glitter for a glimmery sparkle. She did her first real sewing project ever. I was so proud of her. She threaded the needle herself and stitched along to put together her mitten. She added white felt for snow and cotton that she painted with iridescent glitter glue. She painted the little house and the roof and then added more sparkle for a snowy look. She created Baba and Nikki on paper and cut them out. She had so much fun putting all of the animals and characters into the scene. It has been a delightful experience and I am proud of my Little Chick!
Threading the needle.
Sewing her mitten.
Painting the house.
Painting the snowflakes.
A touch of glitter.
Iridescent glittery sparkle.
Drawing Nikki.
Adding the door and windows.
I am so proud of you Little Chick!


  1. well how precious and perfect is that!!!

  2. She did a great job - that looks fantastic!!

    Have a great night - and a great week!!

  3. WOW! Impressive!
    I don't even think I could do all that myself.
    great job

  4. awesome i love it



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