Thursday, August 9, 2012

Change is Good

"Change is good! The view from a new location can be refreshing, rejuvenating and can inspire great things." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick loves her Hermit Crabs! She just got a new one over the weekend that she named Mitzy. Mitzy is smaller than the other two crabs, but they all have been getting along nicely. Sassy, who used to live in the mint green shell, moved into a new home last week. It was so exciting! We had just read Eric Carle's book, A House for a Hermit Crab, the night before. When Little Chick woke up in the morning she came running to tell me that Sassy had moved into a new home! Bunny decided to move when she saw the luxury home that Sassy had chosen. She moved shortly after. That was another exciting day. Then Mitzty thought it might be kind of fun to see what all the excitement was all about. However, she couldn't be bothered with a new home yet. She has been running around the last few days without a shell. As Little Chick puts it, "Mitzy is naked!" Every now and again she crawls back to her old shell, but decides running around without a shell and skinny dipping in her pool is much more fun! It has been a fun couple of weeks with our adorable Hermit Crabs!
Meet Mitzy
A little dip in the pool.
Little Chick and her friend set up a party!
Very cool! Love the high heels with socks!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! She is having a blast with those hermit crabs!

  2. How cute is she??!!! Hope you girls have a fabulous weekend!!

  3. omg she is adorable. my boys and I were like wow it's lil crabs. lol. how fun is that!!!!!!!! grat weekend

  4. Wow, I don't think I've seen a hermit crab "naked." How fun to watch them change their shells. Yes change can be a very, very good thing!



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