Friday, November 2, 2012

Giving Thanks

"Cherish each moment and fill them with a whole lot of love and sweetness! Life goes by in a flash, so the faster we realize what is truly important, the quicker we can truly enjoy." ~Mama Hen
It has been quite a week with no power and a hurricane we will never forget! I held on to Little Chick tightly as we listened to the wind whistle and hurl branches about. I had much damage in my backyard, but I am so incredibly grateful for no trees landing on my house. I watched one massive tree swing back and forth over my house. I am so thankful it did not fall as the other huge trees in our yard did. Little Chick went right away to check on her horse buddies. She made sure to bring a big bag of cut apples to share with all of them. She has been visiting every day to make them smile. She also attended a Halloween party at the farm before the hurricane. Yesterday Little Chick got to help the Farrier put new horse shoes on a horse. She was so excited! There is so much to be thankful for! Thank You dear God for your ever abundant blessings!

Getting ready for the hurricane.
Power went out very early.

My back yard.


  1. I love the pictures of Little Chick! And I'm so glad you're both safe even through the hurricane. Praise God. No fun to be without power, and doesn't it make you realize just how very much we depend upon it every day!

  2. Love Little Chick and love the horses, so beautiful!!

  3. Wonderful pictures! She is quite the horse lover!
    I'm sorry about all those trees down in your yard.



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