Saturday, October 26, 2013

Flash Back on a Fabulous Summer

"Half the fun of making cherished memories is all the smiles one gets when looking back upon them." ~Mama Hen
Looking back on the summer is always fun as we head on into colder days. We finally had to put the heat on and I thought it would be great to flash back and see all the fantastic things we did in the summer months. We spent quite a bit of time at the beach. Sometimes we would spend the mornings there and then head back after dinner to run and splash. Little Chick had lots of fun with her cousin and friends. We liked going to the zoo each week and to Stepping Stones, as well as Mystic and the Maritime Aquarium. We went into Manhattan to explore and visit the American Girl doll store and were pretty busy making crafts. LC decided that it was time to take her training wheels off her bike and she took off and rode as if she had been riding without training wheels for years. Very exciting! Little Chick had quite a summer. To top it off we made sure to head back to our favorite get away - New Hampshire! We loved hiking, swimming and climbing. Such fabulous memories!


  1. Holy Smackarolies!! Those are some amazing pictures and what a fantastic summer!!!!!!!!!!!! Great memories for the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved all of it!!!! Thanks for sharing your world!!!!!!!!!! You make mothering seem effortless.

  2. Wow, I love looking back on summer pictures. We've been to all the places you mention in your post! In fact, we just made a trip to the zoo not too long ago with my mom. I love the "Love Life" T-shirt Little Chick is wearing in one of her pictures. Oh, and congrats to Little Chick on being able to ride her bike. How exciting!



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