Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Thursday & My Little Artist

"There is so much creativity in all of us. How rewarding it is to allow ourselves the time to use our imaginations!" ~Mama Hen
Little Chick is so creative! She has been working hard on many projects lately for school. She created a beautiful version of Van Gogh's Sunflowers, a fantastic timeline of the presidents, which included the dates and colorful order and century they were in office. This took quite some time, but she sat so diligently for hours singing her presidents song while cutting and pasting and finding the right order. She has also had fun making lots of decorations for our house. We have started a unit on the Mayflower, the pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians. Little Chick has been making pilgrims and Indians each day out of clothes pins. She has also been working on their houses. This project will take a couple of more weeks to complete and I can't wait to get a picture of it all when she is done. And one project I really loved was the flag she made for September 11th. She had done a report on the tragedy and made the flag in honor of that day. I am so proud of my Little Chick and all the beautiful creative work she does! 

Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) I am so proud of Little Chick's creativity and her enthusiasm to make such fantastic projects! 3.) I am thankful for my mom and her gaining strength after so many months of being ill. 4.) I love autumn and everything about it! 5.) I am thankful for being a mommy! Thank You Dear Lord for the greatest of all gifts - my daughter!


  1. I love the projects Little Chick is doing for school! You've got one creative kid there! And it looks like she is enjoying it thoroughly. :-)

  2. WOW! So many projects! How adorable is she? And growing up so fast.

  3. Little Chick is so talented and learning so much! I hope Little Lewie will be interested in crafts soon. Right now I can't get him away from his train table!!



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