Friday, July 25, 2014

Little Chick's Big Surprise

"The greatest gift in life is to give of yourself." ~Mama Hen 
Little Chick had an early birthday surprise yesterday when we went to visit Whiskers at the animal shelter. I had already brought bows and signs saying: Happy Birthday! You can take Whiskers home now! Little Chick was so surprised! I had told her that we would not be adopting any more animals, but all along I knew this was going to be very special. As she read the sign she looked at me and the kind woman who had been letting us see the animals the past couple of weeks and she was shocked. She said, "Is this true? Is Whiskers really mine?" The shelter woman and other people who were excited for Little Chick had all gathered to sing happy birthday to her. She was beaming! She said, "Mommy pick me up please. Put me in with Whiskers." The two hugged and nuzzled one another. The shelter woman had brought a beautiful purple carrier for Little Chick from her own house. She put a big bow on it. When we got in the car Little Chick could not stop talking to Whiskers. When we arrived home the two just climbed into bed and cuddled. Whiskers will have the cast on her leg for another month or so. She already started getting around and exporling her new home. We are truly blessed with our furry family! 


  1. This is just wonderful! What a sweet LC you have and that kitty couldn't have found a more loving home! Little Chick will be a good nurse too. What a happy birthday surprise! ♥♥

  2. Awww....what a great surprise for her. I was wondering if that was the plan! So glad it was!!

  3. Sensational story!! So glad Whiskers found a loving home!! And Happy Birthday to Little Chick!!

  4. What a wonderful addition to your family. You have a BIG heart, mama!



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