Monday, July 14, 2014

Water Journey Completed with Fun

"Make each day a day to remember with cherished thoughts." ~Mama Hen
Today we had our last Summer Brownie session. It has been a fun journey learning all about water and how we can conserve and protect it. Today we had a great time with bubbles. We started our session with ice art. The kids used colored ice to create their pictures. Then we made bubble art. This was really fun! The kids used a mix of water, dish soap and food coloring. They blew straws in the liquid to make bubbles and then they laid their papers on the bubbles. Very cool project! The girls had a bucket and sponge water race again. They also make beautiful bubble wands with glass beads and tried their wands out by making homemade bubble solution. After lunch the girls had fun painting flower pots and filling them with soil and sweet pea seeds. The troop shared their water promises with one another and earned their well deserved badges for the WOW Wonders of Water journey.


  1. Looks fun! We did the water journey with our Brownie troop this year too. Bridging to Juniors and new adventures next year... Always something new to keep you hopping with the Girl Scouts!

    Congratulations on wrapping up your year!

  2. You've done some great projects with the girls. They will remember the projects fondly I"m sure!

  3. Oh, I remember being a Brownie! I can't wait to get Lewie involved w/ Cub Scouts. He can join in one more year!



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