Friday, April 23, 2010

Ahoy, Julie McCoy

So my last post talked about finding "balance" in our busy mommy lives. This past week did not really reflect that, but it sure was fun. My daughter had vacation from her preschool, so I thought I would fill up the days with lots of playdates and fun things to do. She only goes three days, and I have been feeling a lot of mommy guilt lately that I have not been able to have another child for her to grow up with. If I could I surely would, but it is all up to God. So I tried my best to make this an amazing week for her.

Just call me Julie - Julie McCoy. I often feel like I am the cruise director on the Love Boat trying to fill each day with an exciting itinerary. As I said, a lot of it has to do with wanting my Little Chick to have a sibling, but also because I really want her to look back when she is older and say that this was the best cruise ever!

The adventure started last Thursday when I picked her up from school and brought her to our local zoo. We ended up meeting some friends the next day at the zoo again. On Saturday we went out for breakfast at the diner like we always do and then headed to a fun filled birthday party. From the party we headed to a fair that was going on down by the beach. Little Chick loves fairs and it was the first one of the season. On Sunday we went to another birthday party at an inflatable bounce place for children and then headed again to the carnival at the beach. Monday we had a playdate at home and then our neighbors showed up (I am always encouraging them to stop on by, so they did) with their three kids and then three more little friends came by. It was like a party! Tuesday I headed to Massachusetts (an hour and a half drive) to Six Flags and Wednesday we had another playdate. Thursday morning we headed to a school friend for, once again, another playdate and in the afternoon to another little buddies house to play. Today, Friday, we drove one of Little Chick's friends to gymnastics and then headed to lunch at the playground with another pal. Wow! I am surely pooped out! Yet as I tried to tuck Little Chick in for the night she continued a conversation as I could hear myself start to snore. This was one heck of a cruise this week! Maybe I will start finding some "balance" this coming week.


  1. You're right - your Little Chick is going to look back and think this was the greatest cruise ever!

  2. Thank you Lilly! That really means a lot to me.



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