Saturday, April 24, 2010

Watching Over Us

So I mentioned the passing of my Dad in the last post and how devastating it was for me. Sadly, Little Chick at only three and a half has had to deal with the loss of our beloved dog, Cuddles. I had already talked about heaven when a good friend of mine passed away last summer. She saw me crying as we drove by his church and she asked me why I was so sad. I explained to her that Uncle George had gone to heaven to be with her grandfather. She did not really push the conversation, so I left it at that. But even now, eight months later, whenever we pass Uncle George's church, Little Chick says, "Remember when you were crying mommy? Uncle George is in heaven now with the angels."
Recently one of our dogs had been missing over night. We looked everywhere for him, but could not find him. The next day I found him outside already dead. I screamed and cried my heart out! I had Cuddles since he was a little baby. He was my first child. Little Chick knew something was wrong and kept asking where Cuddles was. I could not get myself to tell her. It was so hard to lose my beloved animal of fourteen years, but to tell my daughter who loved this doggie so incredibly much was heart wrenching. After making many excuses about the dog being at my mom's house I finally got up the courage to tell Little Chick the truth. I told her that Cuddles needed to go to heaven to be with her grandfather and Uncle George. She had such a sad expression on her face and replied, "Mommy, Cuddles is an angel watching over us like Granddaddy and Uncle George."

She was broken hearted and cried, but repeated many times that day and every day since, that Cuddles is up in heaven watching over us. I find comfort when she tells me this. It is almost as if she knows I am the one who really needs reassurance that Cuddles is an angel up above making sure we are all doing alright .

We love and miss you Uncle George and Cuddles.


  1. I'm so sorry about your losses but am glad you teach your daughter about angels and Heaven and the blessings in your lives. It will always be something she can cling to when times get tough in her life.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss!!



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