Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Hope You Remember

"If there is one thing I hope you will remember my beautiful baby, is the infinite love I have for you my precious little one." ~Mama Hen
Writing about my profound memories got me thinking about the things I hope my beautiful daughter will remember always. I capture a lot in pictures and on my blog, but I hope the overall feeling she will always have is filled with overflowing love. Isn't that the most important thing for us all? To know that we have been loved unconditionally and abundantly. She is what I waited for all of my life and I pray and try so hard to give her the happiest childhood with endless "I love yous". There are so many fun and wonderful things we do daily. Here are just a few I hope she remembers.
My beautiful daughter, may you always remember:

Mommy loves you with every bit of my heart and soul. If I could give you the moon and the stars I surely would my precious child.
You are my gift from God above and I am forever thankful.
When you were a baby you loved when I sang to you to go to sleep. You really liked Moon River, Over the Rainbow and I Love You.
Every chance we got, since you were very little, I took you to the beach. Our favorite place.
You love to sing and dance with me all the time.
You can hear a book on CD just a couple of times and repeat most of it verbatim. Pretty neat my super smart baby!
At four and a half years old you are reading about 40 words. How totally cool are you! I am so proud of you my love!
You love documentaries! Your favorites are about penguins, polar bears, dolphins and whales.
You love to read books with me! I cherish this time with you. We read all the time and love visiting the book store.
You really love roller coasters and going to a fair. The last two summers we went to as many fairs as I found coming close to town and to Six Flags many times. We love our day trips!
You are an animal lover and take such good care of your dog Pudding and cats Belle and Cookie. They really love you and cuddling with you!
We play games all the time! You are really good at puzzles and alphabet games. We love Candyland!
We bake cookies, cupcakes, and muffins all the time and you are my little baker!
You love to throw a fabulous birthday party! You always have party hats, lots of fun guests and yummy food.
We play outside whenever we can. We really love sledding in the winter, puddle jumping in the spring, swimming at the beach in the summer and going to the playground and climbing in the autumn.
You carry that same brilliant light that your Granddaddy did when he entered a room. You smile all the time and bring such happiness to all who know you!

I love you more than anything my beautiful baby!
Thanksgiving Thursday
1.) I am so thankful for Little Chick and my family.
2.) For starting to feel better after an icky flu.
3.) For the love and empathy my daughter and mom showed me while I was sick.
4.) The joy I felt paying it forward by buying someone a coffee at Starbucks today.
5.) For the happiness in my daughter's eyes when she showed me she had completed a 50 piece puzzle all by herself while I was getting ready this morning.


  1. This is beautiful! Love your posts :)

  2. I love that picture of the 2 of you! Little Chick is such a fun little girl and it's so sweet that your documenting all of this. You were right in your other post, we don't always remember what happens but feelings stay with us. Little Chick will definitely always feel love!

  3. Glad you're starting to feel better! And 50 pieces??!! WOW - go Little Chick!

  4. What a nice post. Little Chick will have such wonderful memories of a loving home and feelings of security.

  5. Sweet sweet M.H . . . you have no idea how much I admire and respect you for the love you have for little chick. The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he turned you into a Mama, and we are so blessed to have reminders from you to learn from. Such a sweet post, I love it.

  6. Great "memories" to share here to remind her one day! :-) She is blessed to have YOU as her Mama Hen!

  7. this post made me smile, as most of yours do :)

    Well said, and she will FEEL the love you have for her...we feel it and we're your bloggy friends!

    I love to sing and dance with my boys too, Jacob is getting to the age where he says, Mommy stop, you're getting a little too silly-Ha!!!

  8. Wow....I just have to say that your LC is one lucky little girl. She struck gold having you as her Mom. I don't think I've ever felt more enthusiasm for the role of motherhood than from you. You truly are an awesome Mom.

    So glad you're feeling better too. Keep it up.

  9. This is a beautiful post! I love the way you describe your love for LC - she really is one blessed chick :) I'm sorry to hear you had the flu, and glad you're starting to feel better! Hope you have a great night!

  10. What a wonderful post! She's lucky to have you Mama H. Glad to hear your feeling better. I emailed you my article.

  11. Little Chick is very lucky and so do you. You have a little baker and that is a blessing. You're so blessed! Have a great day always!

  12. What a beautifully written love letter to Little Chick! I really hope that you printed this out to save for her memory box or for her scrapbook! I'm glad you're feeling better!

  13. Hi, Mama Hen. Long time, no blog (on my part). There's been lots of flu going around here, too. I'm glad you're feeling better and that you had to attentive helpers while you were down and out. That always helps. How wonderful for you to put your feelings and memories in writing for Little Chick to have and cherish when she is older. It's the little things she'll probably always remember with her heart, but how nice to have a "hard copy" to look back on, too. Blessings to you and your family.

  14. What a sweet post! She is so blessed to have you!

  15. I adore this post! You words remind me of things my mom has said to me all through my childhood. I'm so touched by this post and just admire you so are a fantastic mom! :)

  16. One thing I love about blogging is the chance to capture memories and feelings. Little Chick will cherish this list someday! XO



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