Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ice Cream and Beach Days

Every day is like a wrapped gift filled with wonderful surprises. We need to take the time to open the gift and give thanks." ~Mama HenWe have had a ownderful week! On Thursday night Little Chick heard some tinkling music as she got out of the bath. She said, "Mommy, what is that?" I told her that it was the Ice Cream truck. We have not had one on our road before, so she was all excited! I quickly grabbed the first thing I could find to put on her (my sweatshirt). We ran out the door with boots and a swift step. She had so much fun choosing her ice cream and carried it to the house with a huge smile on her face. Today we headed to the beach again. It was a gorgeous day! Little Chick flew around like a bird and made a nest, which she then laid on to keep the eggs warm. So cute! We also made letters with rocks. I wrote an I love you note to my beautiful Little Chick. It was a lovely day!
A fun day at the beach.
Little Chick making her nest.

Little Chick keeps her eggs warm.

Little Chick makes the letter B.


  1. How precious!!! And the rocks? Oh goodness, that's adorable! Looks like a fun day :)

  2. Totally LOVE Little Chick making her nest - sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why did she make a "B?" For her auntie or something?

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  3. This post just makes me smile!!!! Love the rock message. And the tinkling bells of the ice cream truck always bring such fun memories back! Oh, I miss the ice cream truck!

  4. The beach looks beautiful! and so does Little Chick. I just love her smile. It could cheer anyone!! So glad she had the fun experience of the ice cream truck! ♥

  5. SUPER FUN!!! Ah, we love the ice cream man over here too...but my boys will spend the money, pick their favorite characters and let them melt...THEY NEVER EAT THEM!!! ha, but guess the experience is still fun?!

    CUTE PICS!!!!

  6. Cute pictures, as usual! I'm sure she was thrilled with the ice cream truck! We can never seem to catch the one that passes by our house!

  7. How cute! Her imagination is in full force. love the ice cream truck story.

  8. So precious! I wish I just had an ounce of their imagination at this age, it's so much fun! We have an ice cream truck that comes through our neighborhood every Sunday about 30 minutes before dinner...not the best timing, but it's always fun!



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