Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Have Learned & Thanksgiving Thursday

"Each day we are blessed with the gift of learning. The question is, do we soak up the opportunity to learn and enrich ourselves, or do we ignore the lessons and let them pass us by?" ~Mama Hen
Every now and again I like to write about the things I have learned. After reading the "I have learned" poem that my dear friend Marcy sent me years ago, I try my best to take stock of the lessons that come my way and what I have learned from them. Here are just a few:
1.) I have learned that friends come and go, but family and friends we truly connect with will always be there.
2.) I have learned that getting aggravated with people only hurts myself and my health. I have to take care of myself because no one else can do it for me.
3.) I have learned that life may not always seem fair, but if we truly evaluate what we have, we should feel incredibly blessed.
4.) I have learned that God sends us magnificent gifts each day in the sunrise, flowers blooming, the food we eat, the friendships we share, the glorious sunsets and so much more, but we are so consumed at times with what we don't have and what we want that we miss these gifts.
5.) I have learned that time goes by in a blink of an eye and there can never be too many I love yous.
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) Watching my daughter say please and thank you all the time. She is so polite and kind to others. 3.) For my cousin who makes me feel better just by hearing her voice. 4.) For fresh breezes on warm summer days. 5.) Thank You God for each and every blessing you present us all with every day.


  1. Those are wonderful things to have learned. #1 is so true and understood by those who have lost loved ones. #2 is an absolute and I try to remember this one every day. Hope your doing great!!!

  2. so true. i am struggling with getting ready to get back to teaching full-time, trying to manage my time better, be in the moment with the girls, try not to let my stress affect our time together -- and the school year hasn't even started yet!! this post was helpful to me, thanks : )

  3. This is a great post! I so often think of how we take for granted the everyday things which are really miracles, when you think about it. I mean, that God should give us food that comes up out of the ground; trees that shade and also provide maple syrup and firewood!; animals to live with us on planet Earth, and everything we need to live and bring glory to Him. What an amazing, loving, and merciful Creator!

    Greetings to sweet Little Chick! :-)

  4. I agree 100%. I try to make sure I tell Little Lewie how much I love him each day...I want him to grow up learning about counting his blessings and being appreciative of even the small things in life. Counting blessings always makes me feel rich! I hope you have a wonderful weeekend Mama Hen!

  5. what wonderful life lessons learned :) Beautiful picture made me smile! So true that many people in our lives come and go, but one thing remains...FAMILY and those few, true friends! So true and what a blessing...

  6. I love this post, Mama Hen.

    I have learned that I have a dear friend who has bleeding in the brain for 2 months and when she calls, I drop all and sit and talk and soak in every word like it could be the last.

    I have learned that so many people text, facebook, google, and "social" network and "connect" with people they don't really know while their out WITH PEOPLE THEY DO KNOW WHO ARE WAITING FOR THEM TO STOP TEXTING!!


    Phew! Yes, I feel better now.

    "Dating your Spouse"

  7. I love your sky photograph a beautiful capture. :)

  8. Exactly. You are so blessed, MH.



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