Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Little Artist & Smile Sunday

"To create is to share such a wonderful part of ourselves."
~Mama Hen
Little Chick is my Little Artist. She is such a wonderful painter! Today we practiced writing and decided to make a tree and an apple. Little Chick started by writing each word and then painting the picture. I am always so proud of my beautiful daughter. These paintings are going to be framed. I love displaying my daughter's art around the house. It brightens up our home and always puts a smile on my face! Have a great Smile Sunday!
Look mommy I made an S!


  1. So cute!!

    Little Chick is an excellent artist!!


  2. Such a well-rounded young lady!

    The rain has started to come down pretty hard - stay dry!!

  3. what wonderful art! i really like the idea of writing the word first then painting the picture .... i've done it in reverse and many times by the time we get to the writing they want to be done : )

  4. I love that you post Little Chick's artwork around the house. My mom used to designate a wall in the living room just for my artwork--she kept it up until I was 26! I plan on doing the same thing for my son. It does brighten up the house! Have a great week Mama Hen!

  5. my gosh, LOVE IT! My boys have NO desire to sit and color, they'd rather pretend that this house is a football stadium! LOL! She looks so precious, sitting there creating her art :)

  6. Beautiful tree - she has a very artistic hand. Framing kid's art is such a wonderful way of honoring their talents.

  7. This is adorable. But, I'm kind of tripping out. LC is a lefty? My Camdyn is a lefty! Man, I could almost swear they are the same kid!



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