Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Marcy &Thanksgiving Thursday

"A true friend is a priceless gift and their friendship an everlasting treasure."
~Mama Hen
Dear Marcy,
I am writing this letter on Thanksgiving Thursday because I am forever grateful for the incredible friendship God blessed us with so many years ago in Mexico. You are an amazing woman with an abundance of talent, love, compassion, and kindness flowing continually from your heart and soul. You always put others before yourself and you continue to encourage all of those who know you to be the best person they can be. You inspire me and have always listened with a loving ear throughout the years. Each day I am thankful for having been blessed with your friendship. You never judge and your words are always kind. May you always know the same love, strength and kindness that you so selflessly pour out to the rest of the world daily. I love you my dear friend and on this day and on every day I want you to know how truly thankful I am to have you in my life.
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family 2.) For my incredible friend Marcy. 3.) For rainy days, a hot cup of coffee and a great book. 4.) Love. For the abundance of love I receive and for the ability to love so greatly and fully. 5.) Adventures with my daughter.


  1. What a nice letter!

    Looks like #3 is true today! Stay dry!!!

  2. I was just reminded yesterday of the value of writing out letters to encourage our friends! Thanks for bringing it to my mind again! =)

  3. awe . . . .while Marcy sounds like a gem . . . I'm sure SHE knows just what a wonderful friend YOU are!!! What a lovely letter to write to her. You are so dear, Mama Hen! Happy Thursday!

  4. What a beautiful letter to such a wonderful friend :)

    Have a great weekend!



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