Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Trip to Vermont

"The moments we cherish the most may go by as quick as a flash, but the warm feeling they leave behind will last a lifetime." Mama Hen

This weekend I surprised Little Chick with a trip to Vermont. This was the third time she has taken a fun trip there and the excitement she had was contagious! We had an amazing time at out favorite Inn. On the way up we stopped at a delicious restaurant in Massachusetts. When we arrived we immediately got our bathing suits and headed to the pool. Little Chick had a blast swimming! On Saturday it was 5 degrees and snow flurries were coming down. It was perfect for a beautiful horse and sleigh ride. Little Chick was beaming when she saw the horse trailer pull up with the two gorgeous horses, Duke and Dancer, who would be pulling our sleigh. She watched eagerly as they were lead out and prepared for our ride. Little Chick met an adorable German Shepard named Barley. Of course she took the time to play with him and give extra hugs and treats. The sleigh ride was magnificent! We then returned to the Inn for another swim. On Sunday Little Chick was excited to go to Billings Farm and see all the baby cows. She had so much fun petting them. They were all about one month old and some just two weeks. It was a beautiful trip to Vermont!
Dinner at the Inn.Little Chick and Little Lolli check out our view when we woke up.

Little Chick and Barley.
Maple syrup lollipop!
Lunch at Simon Pearce. See the view?

One tired Little Chick.


  1. Oh I LOVE all these photos!! What a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed seeing LC of course, and you all look so happy. It was fun to see the view of the houses through the window. :-)

  2. I have always wanted to go up there to VT!

  3. Looks beautiful! What a fun trip and even more fun that her excitment was so contagious.

  4. oh that scenery is GORGEOUS! Just beautiful. What a fun trip that she will remember for a lifetime :)

    I wanna come to Vermont next time...I was just telling my husband that it's just sad and pathetic that I've never seen SNOW. i mean, maybe a drizzle here or there, but never SNOW like that! So cool!

  5. what a wonderful, wonderful weekend get-away!! it's like a scene from a movie : ) the sleigh ride looks like it was pretty spectacular and special : )

  6. just wanted to thank you for the very kind and caring message you left on my blog. that really means a lot to me. losing a parent is something we all will go through but hard to understand really how it feels until it happens to you. i am able to keep it blocked out at times but when i really get thinking of it, the finality, it's hard to stop crying. it's just so hard to imagine not having my dad around.

    and then dealing with his death and all that goes along with that, along with my job this year (which was really hard when i didn't have anything 'extra' going on). it's a lot.

    your friendship means a lot to me! thank you again, it helps to know i have some friends who understand, really understand (unfortunately).

    have a wonderful wednesday with your beautiful family!

    i tried emailing this to you but it wouldn't go through .....

  7. Looks so beautiful and cold, but you seemed to have a fabulous and cozy time!

  8. Looks so beautiful and cold, but you seemed to have a fabulous and cozy time!

  9. It looks like you had an amazing weekend!!! I love the pictures!

  10. I love all the pics! Especially the one of little chick sleeping. So sweet!

  11. Glad you all had fun. I wish we had snow. Looks like I might have to head off to mountains to see some this year.



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