Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Chick Lost Her Fourth Tooth

"Oh the excitement of all the childhood milestones! Enjoy each and every one. Time has a way of flying by." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick lost her fourth tooth this morning. She woke me up at 6:30 and said "Mommy my tooth came out! I am so excited!" We got our little suitcase out and she carefully placed her tooth inside. She can't wait to have her tooth fairy, Oceana Wavey, come tonight. She already placed the suitcase under the pillow for when she goes to sleep tonight. Oh how exciting it is to be young and waiting for the magic of the tooth fairy! These are precious moments we will cherish always.

Placing her tooth in the little suitcase.

Ready for the tooth fairy!


  1. Oh, that suitcase is darling!! And so is little Chick! She is getting so big!!!! CONGRATS Little Chick!!!

  2. How sweet. I just love the Toothfairy's name Oceana Wavery - adorable!

  3. fun traditions! ella and zoe have yet to lose a tooth but they've many 'loose' for a long time (ha). i heard good advice to get everything ready for when they do lose their teeth so you don't have to rush out and get things if needed. i should do that : )

    sweet pics too : )

  4. SO SWEET! I used to LOVE the toothfairy, I imagined her so beautiful :) Congrats Little Chick, you're getting to be such a grown up, beautiful girl!!!

    My boys haven't lost teeth yet, but when they do, my mom in law gave me my husband's tooth pillow from when he was little, so it'll be a cute way to share the memories :)

  5. So fun! This is one of the simple joys of raising children. Camdyn has lost 6 teeth, somehow the excitement never fades. Cam has also been continuing with her riding lessons. She started jumping rails this week and is so excited about the possibility of showing horses in the future. I'll have to post some photos soon. As for me, it's one day at a time. I'm trying to find happiness in myself and my kids and am holding out hope that my situation is repairable. There is always hope.

  6. how cute! i can imagine little chick's excitement. My second son lost a tooth, too just the other day! It's a natural thing but for us moms it's something we take pride in. =)

  7. So exciting that Little Chick has her own Tooth Fairy. Just adorable!




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