Monday, June 30, 2014

June Summer Fun

"Summer is a time for outdoor fun and games. Make the best of the season by soaking in the sun and the fun!" ~Mama Hen
Little Chick has been busy this summer. She has been reading a lot and is ahead of the reading challenge at the library. I am such a proud mama! Last week she reached 1200 minutes on Tuesday and then read up to 1500 by Thursday morning. She was excited when she saw that one of her prizes was a voucher for a kids Subway meal. We went to Subway right away to redeem her cool prizes. Little Chick earned some money washing my car. She did a fantastic job! She spent the day at the beach with her buddies last week and had a lot of fun at Brownies this morning. Our troop is working on the Wonderful World of Water and the girls made cute boats and had boat races together. They also worked on the water cycle and learned a nifty song to help them remember all about it. They had a jar of water and checked how much water evaporated each hour and they made rainbows using dye. It has been a busy and fun beginning of summer! 


  1. You've got a great budding reader there! Isn't it thrilling when they love to read. That water looks so inviting! Sounds like Little Chick is off to a great summer. BTW those GF shortcakes are good even with just butter or jam on them

  2. What a great start to the summer. Summer is my favourite season, as I just love to get out and about and do things. Go Little Chick!



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