Thursday, July 31, 2014

Carnival, Beach & Hiking Fun

"Life is like a carnival:
Hop on the ride with enthusiasm and make sure to enjoy the view along the way." ~Mama Hen 
Little Chick has been enjoying the summer with family and friends. Last night we went to our local carnival and had a blast! Each day has been filled with fun and adventure. We spend lots of time at the beach with friends, hiking with our dog Gigi and good buddies of ours and simply soaking in the gorgeous weather. On Tuesday we hiked well over three hours with Little Chick's friend and her mom and today we headed to Sleeping Giant for another wonderful trek. Little Chick's flowers having been growing very tall (she takes such good care of them). After all the fun we can't wait to get home and give Whiskers and all of our furry family a hug!


  1. I love your quotes MamaHen, especially this one about "Life is like a carnival..." It sounds like you and Little Chick have definitely been making the most of your summer. I can't believe July just flew by! I forget if I remembered to give you my work email address, but it's I only work four miles away from Sleepy Giant. Maybe someday soon we can all meet up for a picnic in the park or to visit the zoo, etc. etc. We're open to ideas!

  2. Looks like great (and exhausting) fun. Love the picture of Little Chick sleeping. So sweet! I always loved carnivals when I was a kid. Cotton candy, Ferris wheel rides, Tilt-a-Whirl, and the Octopus and Scrambler. My favorites!! Have a wonderful August.

  3. Oh, and I meant to say that I like today's quotation. :-)



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