Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sharing the Love - Thanksgiving Thursday

"To carry on the tremendous love of a lost one is to share the love they so warmly instilled in us with another."
~Mama Hen
Little Chick has asked me every day to take her to the Humane Society so she can see the baby animals (all animals are baby animals to her). As hard as it has been she has asked if we could go into the room where they keep the dogs. So on the first day we went in and saw a beautiful Siberian Husky named Jake. Little Chick is in love with this dog. On Tuesday when we visited him again she said "Mommy I am shaking!" I asked her why she was shaking and she replied "I am shaking because I LOVE this doggie." Yesterday we bought a couple boxes of treats for all the animals and Little Chick was so excited to share some delicious snacks with her furry friends. It was not easy spending time with this sweet dog, because it sure brings up some emotions about our own dog, as well as concern for all the animals there. Jake is twelve and is not so friendly with cats. As much as I did think about it, I simply can not take this doggie home. If we could, Little Chick and I would take ALL of the animals home with us. However, on the way in we saw four new kittens sitting in the front just meowing at us to hold them. Of course we had to give them hugs and kisses. One particular cat had my nieces beautiful eyes and I called my sister and said she had to come right away and get this kitten. Little Chick fell in love with an orange kitty which she asked the lady if she could hold him in the little room where people meet their new animals. The next thing I knew, my sister arrives with her daughter and they fall in love with the cat I called them about and during this whole time Little Chick is not letting go of the orange kitten. She said, "Mommy, when do we get the collar?" So, yet another kitty has joined our family. Little Chick named him Ginger. It was a wonderful exciting day with the incredible joy of rescuing more baby animals.
Treats for all our furry friends.
We love Jake.
Little Chick plays with the kittens.
While we were there this little kitty found a home.
Little Chick's kitten hugging her cousins kitten. So adorable!
Little Chick shows her cousin her birthday gift for her.
Two super loving mamas with their baby kitties.
I love you Ginger.
Getting ready to take our kitties home.
Little Chick introduces Ginger to Belle and Cookie.
Grandma Hen visits her new grandkitty.
Thanksgiving Thursday
1.) Little Chick and my family.
2.) Little Chick's overflowing love for all animals and for the ability to provide a home to another baby animal.
3.) My wonderful mom who was so sweet to help me with our kitties when we went on our trip.
4.) Playgrounds and better weather!
5.) Blogging friends who always give words of encouragement and warmth.


  1. Simply darn adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE saving the animals!!!!

    ~ Bianca

  2. Awwhhhh.....what a little cutie. And what a perfect thing to do now. It's a great time for adding a new family member.

    Have fun with your Ginger!!

    (And thank you, my friend, for your always encouraging words. They mean so much to me.)

  3. Soo cute! And Ginger is the perfect name for such an adorable little kitten! Have fun watching all the kitties play together with Little Chick!

  4. That picture of Little Chick, her cousin and their new babies is too precious! Little Chick has such a big heart! I know the shelters are so grateful that you both come by and give the animals lots of love. It must be hard to not take all the animals home though! Good luck with your newest family member!

  5. This is so sweet Mama Hen. I have to admit that I was hoping this might turn into a rescue story since it is so sad to know all of these animals still lack homes. (Although I'm sure those milk bones helped lift their spirits!) Welcome little Ginger. Welcome.

  6. sooooo sweet Mama :) Love that they are SO, beyond happy! I never thought of bringing the boys to our local shelter to give the dogs and cats treats...what a great idea! We're such animal lovers over here too, so we should totally do that! They allow you to feed them the treats while you're there??! FUN!

  7. Thats super sweet! The girls look like good little mommies. Thanks again for the feature!

  8. What darling photos!! I am so happy for Ginger and the other kitty rescued. I cannot even go into our Humane Society any longer for I feel compelled to take home every dog in there.

    What a lucky kitty Ginger is. :-)

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on Cranberry Morning.

  9. You are amazing for adopting a homeless animal. You're teaching her such a wonderful lesson! It looks like she loves her new kitty!

  10. Those are adorable photos of those little girls and their new kitty babies!
    I also adopted a kitty this week from the Humane Society. I posted briefly about her on Tuesday, with another post planned for tomorrow.
    I also wanted to take home EVERY kitty that was there!

  11. Great photos and a sweet story. I am an animal person too so I understand your concern for the animals. Hope you enjoy your new kitty!

  12. You are killing me with these precious kitties! I want one so bad but my hubby is allergic. Good thing you are adopting them up, I can live vicariously through you. Those pictures are wonderful! XO

  13. Oh my goodness! This surely warmed my heart- how sweet. I would really love a pet as my children love cats and dogs. Maybe when the youngest is a bit older? I am sure little chick will be happy to visit her cousin and their new kitty. So sweet!

  14. That is so speical! I love that you are able to provide a loving home to so many animals. Hip Hip Horray for #5!



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