Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Thursday - Love and Heart

"Give thanks every day for the abundant blessings, both large and small, God bestows upon us moment by moment." ~Mama Hen
The trip Little Chick, my cousin and I took up north was beautiful in so many ways. I was able to show some of my favorite places to her and we got to strengthen a bond God had created so many years ago. When we left the Inn Little Chick helped out with the luggage. She said "Mommy, this was a really fun trip!" I had to agree. We had a really sunny day and headed to Essex for a wonderful walk, throwing rocks in the water and a delicious lunch. When we returned home my mom came to babysit and my cousin and I went out for a "ladies night out". This is something I have not done in so very long and we had a fabulous time filled with plenty of laughter. I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful loving cousin who I call soul sister.
Do you see the heart?

A delicious lunch at the Griswold.

Long awaited onion soup. Delicious
A dessert especially made for my cousin and I.
Special gifts for one another. Love and Heart.
Thanksgiving Thursday
1.) Little Chick and my family.
2.) My amazing cousin. She is an angel - my soul sister.
3.) For being able to take a trip for a few days and create such incredible memories filled with love!
4.) For happy and loving "distractions" in a time of need.
5.) My mom who so kindly took care of our little kitties and babysat so my cousin and I could have a wonderful night out.


  1. OH how sweet! Looks like fun and the food looks yummy!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend getaway. I hope you returned with your spirit renewed...certainly looks as if you did! Little Chick looks so cute all bundled up in pink.

  3. Great pics - glad you got out for a girls night!!

  4. You find hearts everywhere! It looks like you had a great time! Your cousin came at the perfect time and I"m glad you were able to take the time to get away and enjoy her visit!

  5. One thing that stands out in all these pictures are your radiant smiles! I'm so glad you all had a wonderful, well deserved time! (By the way, I love the heart in the background. You DO see lots of hearts in nature!)

  6. LOVE these pics...looks like you two are having a blast! Little Chick seemed happy too! I wanna be there with yall tasting that onion soup...I have never had that before but it looked GOOD!

    Happy Thursday, so much to be thankful for, Mama!

  7. What a wonderful break you have enjoyed together.

  8. Beautiful post :-) You put into words so well what I feel. I love it! You really do get what life's all about :-)

  9. Looks like such a lovely time you had with Little Chick and your cousin and nice to have that time with just the two of you also, enjoying each other's company. Love the pics.

  10. Mama H, looks like a great time. You probably needed some laughs and good connections. Love the pics.

  11. Girls night out is the best. You are a girl of my own heart, my girls night always means lots of food too! xo

  12. What a blessing! I love a good GNO, it refreshes the tank and is good for the soul!



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