Sunday, April 15, 2012

Animal Whisperer

"God has given us all "gifts". We can show our gratitude by nurturing these blessings and allowing them to flourish." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick has such a love for animals. They know it and are drawn to her. This is one of the "gifts" she has been blessed with. I call her the "animal whisperer". This week we visited the farm where she rides quite a bit after school. The owners know how much she loves and adores the horses so they encourage her to come whenever she wants. She was so excited that they gave her huge piles of hay to feed all the horses and even her new buddy, Pedro the ram. She spent hours each time just petting them and feeding them the hay. She even brought a huge bag of carrots and made sure they all shared. To see her beaming on the farm makes me so happy! On Friday she had a playdate after school. When we were driving to our house the child said that he had never seen a horse before. Immediately I turned the car around and headed to the farm. Little Chick was so happy to introduce all her horsey friends to her buddy from school. It was a fantastic day on the farm!


  1. What fun for Little Chick! I'm sure that Pedro the ram is great, but there is just something majestic and beautiful about horses. What kid wouldn't want to spend time around them! Hi to LC and all her furry friends.♥

  2. look at her! what a precious gift to love animals as she does. Wow.

    beautiful post :-)

  3. You are definitely correct on that, she is an animal whisperer. Sweet. Love the pic of her 'jumping'.



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