Thursday, April 5, 2012

Turn the Other Cheek & Thanksgiving Thursday

"Every day we have an opportunity to teach through example and to learn from observation." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick loves her Bibles. She has always loved the one I gave her when she was really little and she really loves the Bible her Aunt Marcy (my best friend) gave her this past Christmas. She likes to read about Noah's Ark and talk about what it means. Her new favorite is Adam and Eve. Little Chick has been telling me the past few months that one of her classmates is not always nice to her. The little Leo lion in my daughter can tend to want to fight back, but I have been trying to tell her to simply walk away. To "turn the other cheek". We talk about it every day and we think about ways in which we can handle different challenges. She tells me each day when I drop her off at school that if this peer bothers her that she will walk away and tell a teacher. After I dropped her off the other day I got to thinking. Do I turn the other cheek always? Do I walk away? I thought about how aggravated I can get with drivers on the road who are not "following the rules" or are on their cell phones. I have grunted and made comments in front of Little Chick before. When I do she always asks, "What's the matter mommy?" I got to thinking that this is not really practicing what I am preaching. It is not always so easy, is it? However, my reflecting on this has made me more conscientious about many things and how I can go about them. Every day we are evolving into the people we would like to be. I know that I want to teach Little Chick not only through my words, but by the example I show her daily. So the next time I get aggravated I will remember what I have told Little Chick time and again and I will "walk away".

Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) The ability to reflect and make positive changes. 3.) My gym membership and the determination to get healthy and fit. 4.) The lessons I learn from Little Chick. 5.) My big sister and her overflowing love for me.


  1. It is hard to always practice what we teach. Little ones are very good at making us aware of things we say and do that we shouldn't. I learn so much about myself through Abby's observations and try to change to be the more like the person I try to teach her to be. Not always easy though! Especially when you have a bit of 'leo the lion' in you (which I do too)!

  2. I think you did great telling her not to acknowledge that behavior...ugh, I do not like when little girls are mean...and you know they can be mean, unfortunately.

    hope Little Chick is ready for a Hoppy Easter!!!

  3. It really is hard to practice what you preach - I'm trying my best everyday too!

    Have a wonderful Easter! The weather has just been so gorgeous lately, and it looks like Sunday will be a beautiful day!

  4. Good for you for recognizing it. There are days I need to watch myself in the mirror because I know some of my negativity certainly rubs off on KLV. The funniest of those is her expressions - that is indeed like looking in a mirror :0 Hope your doing well! Have a fantastic Easter

  5. You are so right. They truly learn more from our actions than our words. And when our actions don't support our words, they're quick to notice. that was an important epiphany. Hopefully we'll all be provoked to do what you're doing - practicing what you preach. Good post. Have a blessed Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday!!

  6. being a mom has been the best thing that has happened to me for so many reasons .... one being what you wrote about; constantly trying to be the best person i can be, model the examples that are important to me/our family .... it's not easy and there are times i don't for sure -- your posts always hit home to me : )

    happy early easter!



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