Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Little Chick

"To fuel a passion is to give a lifetime present." ~Mama Hen

With the start of spring and warmer weather Little Chick has started her riding lessons once again. She was smiling ear to ear the other day when she got to ride again. Her favorite horse from last year, Snickers, hurt his leg, so she got to ride a new pony named Dale. She first went over to her buddy Snickers and made sure she let her know that everything would be alright. Little Chick was so happy to take the reigns and lead her riding companion around. She made sure to tell the instructor that she could not wait to trot and sure enough they spent a good portion of the lesson trotting. After her lesson she groomed her new pal and went and visited all her old horsey friends. Of course we stopped by to see Memphis. It was a fantastic day!


  1. I love following along on her horse-back riding adventure! She reminds me so much of myself as a little girl-the love of animals and horse-back riding.
    You have such a sweet little girl, Mama Hen!!!

  2. Very sweet that she maked sure snickers was okay. Hope your doing better Mama. Darned stress can really take it's tool.

  3. She has such a nurturing way about her- just like her mama. I hope you're doing better and doing some things for yourself- you deserve it! Wishing you the best as you get your health back in order :)

  4. what a beautiful daughter you've raised...

    my mom said she ALWAYS wanted a horse, it's all she thought about and asked for, each year for Christmas. It's a beautiful thing that you're giving your daughter what most girls only dream of.

  5. How fun that Little Chick gets to go riding again! You can just see the joy in her smile. I hope all is going great for you Mama Hen! XOXO



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