Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter in Vermont

"There is nothing in the world I want more than to help make your dreams come true!"
~Mama Hen
Little Chick was beaming the entire time we were in Vermont! She calls the Inn the "Hometel". She knows it is a hotel, but we have taken on this word as a family word, because quite frankly our trips to Vermont are like going to another home. We immediately booked some riding time for Little Chick. I made sure to pack her paddock boots and riding helmet. On Saturday she got to ride both in the morning and then again after lunch. The first horses name was Iowa. Little Chick could not stop smiling while riding this gorgeous horse! In the afternoon she rode Casper. She got to groom the horses and feed them afterwards. We also went to Billings Farm for baby animal day. We saw baby chicks, little lambs and best of all a little baby cow that had been born that same morning. We also took a horse and wagon ride around the farm. Easter morning was so much fun! Little Chick woke up to a basket filled with colorful eggs and plenty of horsey fun! We had a magnificent Easter breakfast and then headed for an Easter morning ride. She rode Casper again. It even snowed a little while Little Chick was riding and she got to catch some snow flurries on her tonge. We ended the trip with one more swim in the pool and then headed home. It was a beautiful Easter!
This baby calf was just born only a few hours earlier.
Wagon ride.
Back to riding in the afternoon.
Easter morning ride.
Catching snowflakes while riding. What fun!


  1. Mama Hen, your little chick is absolutely gorgeous. You have every right to be proud. So happy all had a wonderful Easter. Vermont is truly a slice of heaven. Love that state!

  2. Sounds lovely! My Camdyn would have be in heaven with all that horseback riding! She even has the same hat as LC. I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful Easter.

  3. I love Vermont too. My aunt lives up there and it truly is a peaceful visit each and every time we go! I love the word hometel... you are making some of the best memories with Little Chick and she will always remember them! She looks like she's getting good at riding!

  4. What a wonderful weekend! I love the expression on her face in the second riding picture...perfect!

  5. What a wonderful trip! Little Chick looks so cute in her Easter dress!



  7. Oh what fun! Can I come on one of your trips?
    Seriously you guys do weekend getaways right.

  8. I love Vermont and feel so blessed that we live close enough to plan trips there. I'm definitely going to need to book a trip soon! I love that you had such a sweet, down-to-earth, peaceful Easter celebration. There's nothing better than spending quality time with family and horses and animals (like that newborn calf) too!



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