Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorating and the Nutcracker

"Christmas is a time to remember what is truly important."
~Mama HenLittle Chick had a great time decorating the tree.
She had her two kitties there to help her with all the fun.
I think the kittens think that the tree is there for their own enjoyment.
They love climbing it and taking the ornaments back down.
I had to secure that huge tree with lots of wire.
Little Chick made her own garland of beads for her tree.
Little Chick decorating her little tree.
One proud Little Chick.
Little Chick in front of our tree before going to see the Nutcracker Ballet.
Very cute! At the Nutcracker. Little Chick's first show.
My mom would do anything for Little Chick.
She made sure she would be there for the show.
I hope everyone is having a magnificent holiday! My laptop is still sick and it is hard to work on this old desktop of mine because things take about five extra hours to work. Little Chick is still struggling wth being tired from the Mono and my mom is still in a lot of pain. But we are making the best of everything. Have a great week!


  1. Glad your mom made it to the show! LOVE how both trees turned out!

  2. Oh, what wonderful photos of the weekend! The trees are beautiful! And the nutcrackers!!! (I have a collection of them, too, and I LOVE the ballet! It is my very very favorite!) Hope you are well, and I'm praying for your Mom and Lil'Chick!

  3. So happy to see your Mom up and about. :-) tree looks beautiful!
    Have a great week.

  4. That tree looks huge! Little chick must be so proud of her tree. How did she like the Nutcracker? I imagine my 4 year old would love it, but I worry that she might talk too loudly or would get restless halfway through. I'm thinking I'll take her next year and make it one of our traditions.

    I'm glad that you are still enjoying the spirit of the season despite all the hardships. This truly is the season of joy and wonderment.

  5. Aw...she really is tutu cute! We still have not put up our trees yet! :(


  6. Awwww best of luck to your mother and little chick!!!

    I love her little tree and handmade garland!!! Will have to try that next year with my daughter!!!

    Your tree is gorgeous and BIG!! I love it! I am taller than our tree, hehe ;)

  7. Oh, so sorry to hear your family is still under the weather. Hopefully the holiday will be relaxing for them and you!

  8. What darling pics of Little Chick and the trees - and of course the ones with your mom. What a lovely time. I hope Little Chick can beat this mono pretty soon. Our daughter had it while in college. It is so difficult, isn't it.

    Hope your laptop gets well soon too! Thanks for posting these sweet pics. That kitty would love to remove absolutely everything from the tree! :-)

  9. That was so kind of your mom to be at the show with Little Chick. I know they both had a wonderful time together. :)

  10. What a wonderful weekend you all had, even despite everyone feeling less than best. The trees are lovely! Going to the Nutcracker looks like it was really fun - did LC love watching the ballerinas?

  11. Hi again!

    I got your message about her mono. I know when I had it I was very very ill. I was confined to bed for a long time. hugs were dangerous to me because my liver and spleen were enlarged. I know i was tired all the time. Even after it was "over" I still get periods of tiredness. It really runs down your immune system. This is hard for a child because staying still all the time is not an option. Is she getting regular bloodwork to monitor it? Drinking lots of water is important too. I'm keeping her and your Mom in my prayers. Hope she's feeling better soon. Unfortuneately it's one of those things that just have to run it's course.
    Have a good evening.

  12. I'm so, so sorry about your mom, but you guys do a wonderful job of focusing on the good and keeping things fun...that's so important!!

    The trees look beautiful!! One of my favorite things is seeing our near-15 month old seeing our tree in all its lit-up glory! The innocence of a child is a wonderful thing!

    Love your posts! Have a great day :-)

  13. I sure hope the nutcracker made both the lil and big chicks feel somewhat better.
    Savannah and I, with her grandma are going to see the Grinch next Saturday. Super excited. Something to look forward to.

    Take care,
    Viola over at

  14. What great pictures! I love the beaded garland, what an adorable idea! How fun to see the Nutcracker too. Sorry to hear you guys are still struggling over there. Hugs to you all!

  15. what great memories you two are sharing! I know she enjoyed the Nutcracker! LOVE IT! Your tree is soooo beautiful!

  16. Isn't the Nutcracker magical when seen for the first time through a 4 year old's eyes. We've goone 3 times with Dahlia and next year when Milana is 4 we'll introduce the magic to her. Can't wait.

    So glad to see that despite the set backs you, your Mom and little Chick are enjoying the season. Wonderful to see all your pics.

    Sending big hugs!

  17. Here is wishing your Mum and daughter a healthy 2011, so lovely to see your tree.

  18. The tree looks lovely. Merry Christmas to your darling family, Mama Hen.

    Pop on over to see me as I'm having the most lovely giveaway. I would love to spread the word on the Nestwork too as it's open to international bloggers. There is some beautiful handmade things that are one of a kind. x

  19. I wanted to see the Nutcracker with my little one this year. Maybe 2011 it will pan out.

    Hope you guys are feeling better soon!



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