Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Snow Traditions - Thanksgiving Thursday

"Family traditions live in our hearts and nourish our souls."
~Mama Hen
We had our first snowfall the other night and I had to wake Little Chick up to see the magic. She was so excited! I turned on the big spotlight so she could watch the snow coming down. We did not get a lot, but it was enough to bring a huge smile to my daughter's face.
My mom came over to make some more ornaments with Little Chick.My two favorite gals hanging their ornaments.
Little Chick woke up with a horrible cold.
So we decided to make some ornaments to cheer her up.
A very proud Little Chick.
We hope your holidays are as magical as ours!
For this Thanksgiving Thursday I am grateful for:
1.) Little Chick and my family
2.) The magic of Christmas time and the fun I have sharing it with my daughter.
3.) My dear cousin who I have come to learn is my soul sister. A gift from God above.
4.) First snow and the smiles that come with it and every snowfall after.
5.) The ability to purchase presents this season. So many people do not have jobs and are homeless. Let's remember them at this time of giving.


  1. What a magical moment! Little Chick is so talented, she makes beautiful ornaments! :)

  2. beautiful post! Your house looks so warm and inviting for the holiday season :) Hope she feels better VERY soon, being sick is NO fun, especially around Christmas! WOw, the first snow? HOW EXCITING! It's like 70 degrees here, but I'm sure wishing for a white Texas Christmas this year as always :)

  3. That's so sweet that you woke her up for the first snow! I hope she's feeling better soon!

  4. Beautiful post!

    I can't wait to do something like wake up our kids to see something so peaceful as snow falling! :-)

    I just love reading your blog; I love feeling that other people are concentrated on love, and being happy, like we are. Life is good :-)

  5. So cute! Seeing the first snow fall is really magical! Those ornaments are so cute! I hope Little Chick feels better soon!

  6. Such lovely pics. The first one is precious! I remember doing the same thing - turning on the spotlight so we could watch the snowflakes coming down. What wonderful memories you're creating for Little Chick!

  7. Absolutely adorable. I have to say, seeing the first snow fall through your eyes gets me a very little bit excited for our first snow (which is pretty big for someone who HATES the snow!). I can't wait to see Georgia's reaction to it - she was too young to really understand anything about it last year.
    The ornaments are a great afternoon project, and Little Chick did a great job on them.
    Thinking of you this week!

  8. That first snowfall is so magical, isn't it? I love that you woke little Chick up to watch it.

    Hope her cold is short-lived so you can all continue to enjoy this Holiday season!

    Take good care!

  9. I don't trust my 4.5 year old with a container of beads. They end up EVERYWHERE.

    I aslo got Ms Mar out of bed the first snow, it was somthin like 11pm, she loved it.

  10. Love the pics and your thankful list. I grew up with snow, but now live in the desert so no snow for us. I miss it ONLY on xmas. Hope lil chick feels better soon!

  11. How special that you woke Little Chick up to see the snow. You inspire me with all of your art projects...we are attempting Angel ornaments this weekend. I hope they are fun to make! Have a great weekend, my friend!

  12. What a sweet pic, a little girl looking out a window.



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