Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Trips - Smile Sunday

"Thank you for this baby trip Mommy." ~Little Chick

The past couple of days have been so much fun! Little Chick and I have been having such a wonderful time taking day trips up north to the beach. On Friday we went right after Little Chick got out of school. We stopped at our favorite lollipop store first to get something delicious for my baby! Then we made sure to go kayaking before the tide came in. Little Chick was so excited to play in the water, splash and throw rocks. She had to keep emptying her boots because they filled with water. We then headed out on our bikes. We did not get home until about 9:00 pm. On our way back my daughter said, "Thank you for this baby trip Mommy." She always thanks me out of the blue for things and it warms my heart. On Saturday we went back to the beach and had more kayaking, splish splashing, biking fun! Little Chick brought her horse and rider along and made a coral for them to ride in. On the way back she thanked me again and fell fast asleep with her horsey and rider in her hands. It was a beautiful day with my baby!

Saturday-Little Chick loves reading in the car.


  1. She's out in that last picture! What a nice trip for y'all! And I am sure it made you smile when she thanked you!! :)

  2. Love how wiped out kids are after a lot of fun! Too cute! Also, you gals really did have a fun time!! Love it!! Can't wait to do similar things with our kiddos someday!! HAppy weekend

  3. Such a sweet girl - great pictures.
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  4. I love all of the fun adventures you take Little Chick on and share with us. She is growing so fast! You are making some precious memories. Hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  6. I wanna go on that "baby trip" too! Such sweet pictures and what fun times :) I swear, that smile must never leave her face!!!

  7. i love how on the go you two are ..... such fun, always -- and your smiles always show that : ) have a great memorial day!

  8. This is so sweet! I love how LC says thank you out of the blue. I can imagine how that warms your heart :) Thank you so much for your kind email filled with encouraging words! I feel so blessed to have wonderful blogging friends like you!

  9. So cute! I bet there'll be lots of beach memories made this summer.



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