Thursday, May 26, 2011

Milestones and Thanksgiving Thursday

"Each milestone is a present that deserves everything huge-
hugs,congratulations, cheers and celebrating."
~Mama Hen
Little Chick was so excited when she lost her first tooth. I did not expect it to come out so quickly, so we improvised on what we would put her tooth in for the Tooth Fairy. We took a cute little suitcase from her Calico Critters dollhouse. She placed the tooth in the box and and carried it up to bed. Of course she had to take it back out to show Pooh Bear. Then she put the tooth back in the little suitcase and had fun putting it under the pillow. Little Chick kept saying, "Mommy, the Tooth Fairy is coming tonight?" Her excitement kept her up a bit. When she woke up she was so happy to find her tooth missing from the suitcase and a card under her pillow. We opened it together and money fell out. She could not wait to go spend it on something wonderful. When I asked her what she would like she knew she wanted a little doggie. We went after school to the store and she picked out her favorite doggie. It was a wonderful milestone filled with so much fun, hugs. laughter and excitement.
Look at my tooth Pooh Bear.

A little hug for Cookie.
Little Chick's doggie.
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) For milestones that bring such smiles and excitement to everyone. 3.) Dinners on the beach with my beautiful baby. 4.) For sunny days and long walks on the beach. 5.) The strength that family gives one another without even realizing it sometimes.


  1. Aww, how sweet!! I'm just happy T is getting teeth! I will probably be pretty sad when he is big enough to lose one! She's so cute!

  2. This is so so sweet! Love all of the photos!

  3. We had one child who wanted to take his teeth out, whether or not they were ready, just to get money! LOL

    Isn't this such a fun time with Little Chick. The pics are SO sweet!

  4. Aw, that's so sweet. I love how you improvised with the doll house suitcase. Such a special memory to lose the 1st tooth. My son has a wiggly tooth too and we're excited when he will lose it :)

  5. So sweet! I remember when i was teaching, kids used to get so excited when the tooth fairy would arrive!! sO fun!! She's precious sleeping in her bed, so peaceful.



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