Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eternal Memory Candle

The world of blogging can mean so many things to each blogger. I have found the most amazing bloggy friends and look forward to reading about their family lives as if I was catching up with an old friend over coffee or on the phone. While blogging we find that we connect with some bloggers on different levels. About a year ago I came across my dear bloggy friend's blog, the Andrea Chronicals. I loved how she persevered in training for a marathon, just like I had done when my Dad had passed away. Through reading her blog I realized that she also had endured the pain and loss of her father passing and all I could think was that I truly understand what she feels. Recently Andrea approached me and told me about this wonderful candle she had created in memory of the ones we love so dearly. She sent me a memory candle in honor of my Dad and it is absolutley beautiful! It has a heavenly scent and when I burn it I feel that it is my moment to remember my Dad without any distractions. Andrea's candles are made with so much love and thought and is a beautiful way to celebrate and remember the ones we love so much. Please visit Andrea's Eternal Memory Candle site at Eternal Memory Candle.


  1. Thanks for the lovely post, Mama Hen. I'm glad the candle brings you peace! I know both are Dads are proud of us!

  2. That is such a wonderful idea!

  3. Having lost a brother lighting a candle on those 'memorable' dates is a wonderful idea. Andrea is great and I'm so happy her idea came to life!



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