Monday, July 18, 2011

Pupcakes - My Little Baker

"To create something and share it with the ones we love is a gift we give ourselves." ~Mama Hen
Last year Grandma Hen gave Little Chick an American Doll book about dogs. It had many fun facts, activities and recipes. Little Chick immediately said she wanted to make the doggie cupcakes. Well, it has been in the plan for a long time, but somehow we never got to it. So over the weekend we came across the book and decided to make it happen. They came out so cute! We just used a simple cupcake recipe, frosting, coconut, chocolate chips for the eyes and raisins for the nose. We had fun making them and really enjoyed eating them. We hope you have a wonderful week!
Mixing the eggs.My Little Baker pouring.
Decorating the cupcakes with Grandma Hen.
Have a great week!


  1. So glad she was able to dig right into one at the end!

  2. So cute! Kids just love to bake and create things with their hands and nothing beats their sense of accomplishment when they look at their finished product! Looks like fun!

  3. Wow! Those are cute. At first I thought she was making cupcakes for dogs, I'm sure your pup wouldn't have minded. I LOVE coconut, so yummy!

  4. So cute! We love making American girl crafts, etc! Have a great night!


  5. Looks like fun and very cute pupcakes! My girls used to pronounce cupcakes "pupcakes" -somehow I never thought of doggie cupcakes all those times they said it!

  6. What a doll! Looks like such a fun idea. I look forward to when KLV gets interested in American dolls. Hope your doing great!

  7. cute!! bet she had a lot of fun : )



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