Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Lovely Day

"The beautiful thing about love is that it simply is." ~Mama Hen
We had a lovely day today! We celebrated my dear friend Geri's birthday. We started with a delicious breakfast at our favorite diner and then later she and her friend came over to open gifts. Little Chick and Lolli continue to bond and their favorite time together always involves some "treats". It was a wonderful Sunday! Happy birthday my dear friend!
Geri had fun swinging for the first time in years! Absolutely beautiful!
Happy birthday dear friend!


  1. love your love quote! Beautiful pictures of a fun time with loved ones!

  2. Yes, your quote is wonderful!!

    Geri looked like she had a marvelous time. Loved the photo of Little Chick holding her face close. Just adorable!!

    Your dog is precious, too. You are very blessed.

  3. Yes, that's a wonderful quote. Glad to see that Lolli is doing well too!!

  4. Beautiful quote for a beautiful post...your friend is radient! The puppy is adorable! I'm all backed up on reading...I'll have to catch up on the story soon!

    I hope all is well!

  5. beautiful post :) Made me smile as always!!! Hope you are doing well! Keep making those memories and experiences magical...she'll remember for a lifetime!!!

  6. Little Chick is just the sweetest thing!!! It looks like you had fun celebrating your friend's birthday!

  7. Those photos are treasures! Okay, can Little Chick get any cuter? Just sayin'...

  8. I love seeing your smiling faces and hearing that you are having wonderful days! XO



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