Friday, July 22, 2011

Marks of Time

"Etched on our faces and bodies are the signs that we have loved, laughed, lost and cried. These beautiful marks of time show that we have lived." ~Mama Hen
Recently I have started treating myself to a manicure. It is something I never really did except when I got married and it takes a lot for me to "stop" and actually do something so pampering for myself. However, I am learning that it is a moment that I can relax, reflect and refresh my spirit. Today when I was at the nail salon I looked at the beautiful woman working on my nails. She is the one I have regularly. I like her because she exudes such warmth and kindness. She can't hear that well and her English is minimal, so I do not really talk much with her. This alloJustify Fullws me much time to contemplate. Today I looked at the lines etched around her eyes and neck. I stared at my own hands and arms and remembered all of the scars and the stories behind each one. There were by far many more freckles or should we say sun spots all along my arms and the signs of getting older could be seen in my hands. As I looked at her and then myself I really started thinking about all the laughter, tears and life that brought these marks of living onto our being. If each line could talk, what would they say? We all have a story to tell and the older we get it is important not only to tell them, but also to listen. After all, what more to life is there then our "story". No one else shares our marks of time, which makes them precious and us so unique.


  1. I think we all need to look at our lines as a positive thing. As you say, "It is a sign that we have lived." It is important to "listen" to others. I think it is something we do not always do and many people have a hard time with it. We should take the time to really hear what others have to say.

  2. i was just looking at myself in the mirror and thinking about all the new wrinkles i have --- i didn't think i'd have this many in my early 40's .... it does bother me, though i know it's part of life and living and they show a life that has been lived .... this is something i want to work on, for myself but also so i'm a positive role-model for my girls.

    isn't that quiet time at the nail salon nice? i've usually had more talkative girls with hair/nails/massages over the years, which i like too, but it is nice to just enjoy that time, to think, and to soak in how good it feels to be pampered a bit : )

    THANK YOU for the info on the book. i'm going to call B and N today and see if i can get a copy .... if i have any problems i'll let you know. you are so generous with your time to offer to help me!

    happy saturday : )

  3. Great post, Mama Hen. We really need to appreciate our beauty.

  4. me again, do you mind emailing me a link to the right book -- i want to make sure i pick up the correct one. is it: Disney Winnie the Pooh CD Storybook: The Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh / Piglet's Big Movie / Pooh's Heffalump Movie / The Tigger Movie (Winnie the Pooh)
    by A.A. Milne, Walt Disney Company, Eugene H. Shephard?

    thank you so much!

  5. Thanks for the welcome to the Mom's blogger club. This is a great post. I am a new follower.


  6. So true. So true. We all have a story to share, don't we? I hope you had a great weekend MH!

  7. If only we all just listened a little more to all the stories people have to tell. There is so much to hear and so much to learn. Great post Mama!



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