Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday

"To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kind that will stand behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude."

It is Thanksgiving Thursday again and I have so many things to be grateful for! Lately life has thrown some challenging situations my way and I know if I can just focus on the many blessings that I am surrounded with daily and give thanks, everything will be alright.
I am thankful for:

1.) Little Chick and my family.
2.) having empathy! I am truly thankful for having the heart and the knowledge to know and understand when someone else is hurting in some way.
3.) for having had the most amazing grandparents growing up! They were like another set of parents to me! I miss them so much!
4.) for having parents who sheltered me from the icky stuff in the world. It was a shocker to see a lot of unkind things as an adult, but at least I had a childhood filled with laughter and lots of love!
5.) for coffee! Yup, coffee! I am really enjoying a nice iced coffee every day in this hot weather!

More friends giving thanks: Twenty Little Toes, Going Jane

I just received two more awards! I can't say how much I appreciate all of my followers! Thank you so much for these awards! First, I would like to say a huge thank you to Jessica at Mo Shiorghra for the Your Going Places Baby Award! The rules of this award is to tell where you see yourself in ten years and then pass it along! Well, in ten years I hope to have had another child - God willing - so Little Chick could have a little brother or sister. I hope to be ballroom dancing a lot and perhaps teaching again.
I pass this award on to Karli at The Bonnie 5, Twenty Little Toes, 3 Princes and a Princess 2, Ashley at Adventures in Mommywood, Chelsea at Adventures in Vandyland, Kami at Yellow Kisses, Wanda at At Last...We are Family, Adrienne at Stories from a Shoebox, Ruth at Underneath His Wrapping, and Neel at Being Zara and Zidan.

You ladies are so wonderful! You are going places!
Next I would like to say a big thank you to Crystal at 3 Princes and a Princess 2 for the Versatile Blogger Award! With this award I am supposed to tell 7 random things about myself and pass it on. 1.) I love Elvis Presley! My Dad and I used to play his tapes in the car all the time! 2.) Growing up I spent every other summer vacation in Germany with my grandparents, mom and sister. 3.) I used to do a lot of theater. I love to act! 4.) I did sixteen years of full contact karate. I'm feeling it now. Yikes! 5.) My favorite dances are Salsa, Hustle and Swing. 6.) I love romantic movies. 7.) I can Flamenco dance!

I pass this award on to Kami at Yellow Kisses, Ruth at Underneath His Wrapping and Adrienne at Adventures in a Shoebox.

You deserve it ladies!


  1. Your welcome. I love reading your Thanksgiving Thursdays. We could all use giving a little more thanks in our lives.

  2. Thank you! And that is Ok..I understand. I would have stopped over regardless:) I try and do my Blog readings when the kids are in bed and I have time to really read a post. Have a great Thursday and Thank you so much!

  3. I love coffee! I am VERY thankful for that! haha, congrats on both awards.. You totally deserve them!

  4. Thank you so much Mama Hen! I can't wait to put these up and pass them along. I also wanted to thank you for such kind words from you yesterday on my post. They really meant a lot! <3 And I love you list of thankfulness. It's a great reminder of my grandparents! They raised my sister and I for the first five years of my life, and those are some of the best memories I have! God Bless!

  5. Congratulations on your awards!

    PS. I can't believe you did 16 years of karate. I'm in awe of you!

  6. Hello! I just wanted to let you know I have chosen your blog for a blogger award! I love your blog! Here is the link to get it!

  7. Congratulations on your awards!
    And I'm with you on the 'thankful' for coffee! :-)

  8. Oh my Mama Hen, you're just one talented momma; karate, ballroom dancing AND theater, oh my!

    Thank you so so much for the awards! I have gotten your Thanksgiving Thursday Button and now Thanksgiving Thursday is in my 'Yellow Kisses' schedule. It's a wonderful idea! Thanks for your lovely comments on my page, they are sincerely appreciated!

  9. yes, coffee. Very, VERY thankful for coffee! LOL

  10. Oh yes, we should be thankful and gratefull, specially for having our lovely children and a wonderful husband with us!

    Congratulation on your awards!Please have a splendid weekend!

  11. Congrats on your awards! You are so deserving. There should be an award for inspirational blogs, because that is the one that is most fitting for you.

    I love your list this week! I just completed mine and don't see where I can link up, so I'll post it here.

    Happy Thursday!

  12. Hey there, Congratulations to you for the awards!!
    I can't thank you enough for thinking of me..:) You are so kind and generous. those are great points to be thankful for... and i join you in doing so!!
    i've just posted my blog... i hope i'm not too late. i've been very busy lately.

  13. I love reading your Thanksgiving Thursdays. (I actually re-read twice to make sure I got every word). Congratulations on your awards, and thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me! You are so sweet! I hope you and that sweet little gal have a wonderful day! Waiting for my littlest to wake up and then we're off for the day too. XOXO!

  14. Congratulations! I love the quote you started off with, it reminds me of one I heard on the radio a few years ago, "Unexpressed gratitude feels like ingratitude."

  15. Cograts on the awards! I, too, am thankful for coffee though I have not acquired a taste for iced coffee. Having wonderful grandparents to grow up with is something I missed out on but am so thankful that my kids are blessed with many. Happy Thursday!

  16. Congrats on your awards. You're really tearing up this blog world! And thanks for passing one along to me. You're such a sweetie.

    Love your thanksgiving Thursdays. Very inspiring. Me too - coffee is way high on my list too.

  17. hey congrats on the award & thanx for passing it on to me. will def put it on my blog.
    wanted to tell u, i am leaving for a long vacation (like 2 months). I am not sure if i am gonna update my blog. U know how vacations are. But will def visit u once in a while. But i will def try to post something. Till then take care & keep blogging.

  18. Hi there!!
    Congrats on your awards. You are one talented and popular girl.
    I'm honored that you passed it to me!
    Sorry haven't been able to get to my blog posting. hopefully it should be up in the next hour or so!!
    Happy Thursday:)

  19. Hello! Congrats on the awards! :) And dancing, karate and theatre? You sure are one amazingly talented mummy! Have a great weekend... (And I'm with you about the coffee... Thank God for that, as well as for rain over here this morning!)

  20. Lovely post. We don't have Thanksgiving here in Australia, but I try to live my life gratefully everyday.

  21. Finally returning your visit and follow from LAST WEEK! Man! I just posted some BLOG LOVE!

  22. Thank you SO much for the award!! I will try and post it later today sometime!! :)

  23. Your blog posts are all inspiring and sweet. Not over-mushy, just the right amount to make me smile and appreciate the little thins



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