Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Passions and Dreams

"Combine a passion and a dream and you have a happy heart." ~Mama Hen

Little Chick has three things she has had a passion to do for a long time: play piano, play violin and ride horses. This week she will have two of her dreams come true. My daughter has asked me every day (no kidding) to play the piano for two years. I have been looking for pianos for quite some time and finally found one that will be delivered tomorrow. It is a surprise. The second dream has been her desire to play the violin. This too she asks me every day. We will wait until she is a bit older for this instrument. Today Little Chick had her first riding lesson and she lit up like a Christmas tree. Ever since we saw the movie National Velvet over the winter, my daughter has wanted to ride. She watches every horse movie and plays with her horses, barn and coral whenever she can. Before today she had been on two couple minute pony rides at parties. I was so proud of how responsible and much older my baby acted today in her lesson. Her horse's name was Snickers. She held on to the reins and walked right out of the stable with her horse. She asked the instructor if she could trot like the older girls were doing in the ring. I was smiling from ear to ear when she held her posture and trotted away. She was amazing! I was so incredibly proud and impressed with my beautiful daughter.

Monday, May 30, 2011

More Fun at the Beach

"Cherish these moments!
They only come around once."
~Mama Hen

On Sunday and Monday Little Chick and I went back to the beach for more splish splashing fun! My beautiful baby stayed in the water for hours. I had to convince her to take a break to get lunch. We did some exploring and found crabs and snails galore. I decided not to take my camera on Monday because I just wanted to live in the moment. Sometimes I try to capture the moments as much as possible so Little Chick can look back on them when she gets older. However, the most important thing is that she remembers the "feeling" of how much she and I loved to go to the beach, explore and simply be together. After all, isn't that what it is all about!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Trips - Smile Sunday

"Thank you for this baby trip Mommy." ~Little Chick

The past couple of days have been so much fun! Little Chick and I have been having such a wonderful time taking day trips up north to the beach. On Friday we went right after Little Chick got out of school. We stopped at our favorite lollipop store first to get something delicious for my baby! Then we made sure to go kayaking before the tide came in. Little Chick was so excited to play in the water, splash and throw rocks. She had to keep emptying her boots because they filled with water. We then headed out on our bikes. We did not get home until about 9:00 pm. On our way back my daughter said, "Thank you for this baby trip Mommy." She always thanks me out of the blue for things and it warms my heart. On Saturday we went back to the beach and had more kayaking, splish splashing, biking fun! Little Chick brought her horse and rider along and made a coral for them to ride in. On the way back she thanked me again and fell fast asleep with her horsey and rider in her hands. It was a beautiful day with my baby!

Saturday-Little Chick loves reading in the car.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Where did the "Snug" Go?

"Children are voracious explorers. The outdoors is their classroom and nature their tool for learning." ~Mama Hen

Little Chick loves to explore! She does not mind getting dirty and picking up wiggly worms, caterpillars and other fun gifts in nature. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I am not a fan of worms. I love the outdoors, but for some reason little creepy crawlers have never been a favorite of mine. However, Little Chick's love for wiggly worms has made me jump out of my comfort zone so that I can help her find them and explore. We visited my mom's house several times this week to do some exporation. My mom's side of the family has a long line of fisherman and she is no stranger to worms. She and my daughter have a blast passing wiggly worms back and forth to one another. Yesterday we found about seven worms, one grub, a slug and many ants. When Little Chick was looking for the grub in the soil she said, "Where did the snug go?" Way too cute that she combined grub and slug to make a cute old "snug". And when she found a new worm she would bring it to the rest and say, "Guys there is a new friend here." I love my Little explorer!

See the grub?

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