Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Chick's Little Christmas Tree

"New traditions begin with a whole lot of love, creativity and the spirit of the holidays!"
~Mama Hen
Little Chick got her own little Christmas tree. We started this tradition last year and she could not wait to go and pick out her little tree. So off we went to the farm and she was so excited to choose the one she wanted. All the way home she talked about how she was going to decorate her tree. We called Grandma Hen to come and see all the excitement. It is a beautiful little tree and is decorated with a whole lot of love!

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Happy Thanksgiving

"Oh there is so much to be thankful for! Families should gather often and give thanks for their greatest gift - one another." ~Mama Hen
We had a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday! Little Chick was so excited when her cousins and auntie and uncle arrived. Thanksgiving is a day to remind us of all the things that we should be thankful for.
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) My beautiful friends. 3.) All our furry family and friends. 4.) The abundant food on our tables each day. 5.) The warmth of shelter and the love that surrounds us.


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Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Cheer

"The light of giving can brighten anyone's day!" ~Mama Hen

Little Chick was so excited to go with Grandma Hen to the store and pick out something that she would like to get ready for Christmas. She loved this dress and the matching one for her doll. She could not wait to get home so she could dance with her dolly all dressed up in Christmas cheer! She had so much fun holding her baby up and twirling around while making sure to catch every move in the mirror. We hope you are having fun getting ready for the holidays!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Horse Lovers Dream Trip

"Making dreams come true takes a little planning and simply making it happen." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick loves horses! This past weekend we had a spectacular vacation at the Rocking Horse Ranch! From the moment we arrived there was nonstop fun! For a horse lover it was a dream come true. Little Chick got to ride all day. We took many horse and wagon rides, as well as a tractor wagon ride at night. She had fun swimming and splashing about in the water park, and on Saturday between all the swimming and riding we saw the Nutcracker performed in their theater. For lunch Little Chick was visited by Betsy the horse and Tombstone Tom. On Saturday night we headed up the hill to a wonderful bonfire, camp songs and roasting marshmallows. It was a horse riders oasis and dream vacation!

A fun water park!

Riding Callaghan.

A horse and wagon ride.

The Nutcracker.

Roasting marshmallows! Mmmmmmmm!


Singing camp songs.

Another horse and wagon ride.

The ranches little filly - Root Beer.

Dining with Betsy the horse.

A horse lovers dream!

Friday, November 11, 2011

So Many Fairies & Thanksgiving Thursday

"Go to sleep little fairies. May your dreams be filled with magic." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick waited every day for her fairies to arrive. She loves Tinkerbell, Vidia and all of their friends. Well, they finally came and she is ecstatic! She made sure to get them all cozy before she headed to bed. It looks like Cookie and Belle thought it would be a cozy place to sleep as well. Have a great weekend!
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) Tooth fairies and the magic they bring. 3.) Beautiful colors on a crisp autumn day. 4.) Hot cocoa with a hint of mint. 5.) Little Chick's incredibly creative imagination.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Cherished Tooth Fairy Moment

"Remembering the excitement and joy of waiting for the tooth fairy will transcend you to a magical place - your inner child." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick just lost her third tooth tonight. She was so excited! It has been loose for a while, but we knew it would come out within a few days. After dinner we called Grandma Hen and asked if she could come and give her opinion on when this tooth might come out. We tried eating apples and wiggling it. Finally Little Chick got it out! We all danced and celebrated. Little Chick placed the tooth in her tiny suitcase (from her Calico Critters) and had fun placing it under her pillow. She was so excited and had a hard time getting to sleep. Little Chick has her own little tooth fairy named Oceana Wavey that comes each time. She said, "Mommy, I am sure Oceana Wavey is already flying over here." I told her that she had to cross the ocean first and that she would be here when she was asleep. It was so exciting to watch Little Chick beaming in anticipation. These are the moments to cherish forever!

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