Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chinese New Year Celebration

"Celebrate each day like it is the start of the New Year! Every day brings the refreshing gift of change and the opportunity to learn and grow." ~Mama Hen
Today we had so much fun at a Chinese New Year celebration with friends! There were crafts for the children to do, beautiful music, delicious food and amazing entertainment. Little Chick loved the little doggie show. This dog could push a scooter, do a hand stand, pull a toy and so much more. It was so much fun to learn about Chinese customs and to celebrate with good friends. Little Chick got up and started dancing. Everyone watched her exquisite talent. She was a star! 
Happy Chinese New Year!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Connecting the Dots & Thanksgiving Thursday

"There is no time like the present to take a leap towards enriching our lives. We are blessed with a finite period of time, yet the possibilities are infinite." ~Mama Hen
When I was younger I had a fear of heights. So I made it a goal to jump out of a plane to help get over this fear. It was invigorating! I had plans with a friend for months to do this together, but the day came and he said he "couldn't make it". I went anyway and conquered this by myself. I think the fact that I was alone made it even better. It showed me that I did not need anyone to take my hand other than God above. I loved skydiving and went a few times after that over the years. While talking to my best friend last night I was reminded of our journey together and how even though she lives in Washington and I in Connecticut, we have always been together. We reminisced about our challenges over the years and also our triumphs. And while we were talking I realized how each step we take connects the dots for the greater picture we may not always see. Although some of the challenges were difficult to say the least, they were all dots that needed to be connected to lead me to where I am today. All my fears, disappointments, mistakes, rewards, gains and losses have all been dots connecting me to the big picture. Things started to make sense. And the things that did not I knew one day would as I continure connecting along this journey. My ability to take my greatest fears and face them directly has helped me forge agead. I learned that day that my friend canceled on me after months of planning that I could do anything, because I am never alone. God will keep me soaring and I am incredibly grateful.  
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) The ability to look back and see how everything has lead me to today. 3.) For friends that may be so far in distance and always close in my heart. 4.) For God's strength, courage and love that carries me through the hard times and fills me with such joy. 5.) Thank You Dear Lord for everything you have blessed my family and I with.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fun in the New Year

"Fill each day with love, kindness and an abundance of fun and laughter." ~Mama Hen
We hope your New Year is off to a funfilled start!

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