Thursday, July 31, 2014

Carnival, Beach & Hiking Fun

"Life is like a carnival:
Hop on the ride with enthusiasm and make sure to enjoy the view along the way." ~Mama Hen 
Little Chick has been enjoying the summer with family and friends. Last night we went to our local carnival and had a blast! Each day has been filled with fun and adventure. We spend lots of time at the beach with friends, hiking with our dog Gigi and good buddies of ours and simply soaking in the gorgeous weather. On Tuesday we hiked well over three hours with Little Chick's friend and her mom and today we headed to Sleeping Giant for another wonderful trek. Little Chick's flowers having been growing very tall (she takes such good care of them). After all the fun we can't wait to get home and give Whiskers and all of our furry family a hug!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Little Chick

"Celebrate each birthday with the fervor, love and fun it so deserves." ~Mama Hen
Dear Little Chick,
Your birthday is my favorite day of the year! I waited a lifetime to be blessed with the honor of being your mommy and I cherish every second God has blessed me with you. I love you my beautiful baby girl! You are filled with so much love and compassion and a free spirit. You make every one who meets you laugh and you are always a kind, wonderful, loyal friend. Your empathy and compassion for animals and people in need is a gift and you are always thinking of others before yourself. You are my greatest gift!
Happy Birthday my beautiful baby!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Little Chick's Big Surprise

"The greatest gift in life is to give of yourself." ~Mama Hen 
Little Chick had an early birthday surprise yesterday when we went to visit Whiskers at the animal shelter. I had already brought bows and signs saying: Happy Birthday! You can take Whiskers home now! Little Chick was so surprised! I had told her that we would not be adopting any more animals, but all along I knew this was going to be very special. As she read the sign she looked at me and the kind woman who had been letting us see the animals the past couple of weeks and she was shocked. She said, "Is this true? Is Whiskers really mine?" The shelter woman and other people who were excited for Little Chick had all gathered to sing happy birthday to her. She was beaming! She said, "Mommy pick me up please. Put me in with Whiskers." The two hugged and nuzzled one another. The shelter woman had brought a beautiful purple carrier for Little Chick from her own house. She put a big bow on it. When we got in the car Little Chick could not stop talking to Whiskers. When we arrived home the two just climbed into bed and cuddled. Whiskers will have the cast on her leg for another month or so. She already started getting around and exporling her new home. We are truly blessed with our furry family! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cat, Splish Splashing & Tooth 9

"Take the time to give of yourself each day.
A giving heart fills the mind with purpose and the soul with beauty." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick started her day with watering her flowers and taking care of her animals. She was excited that all three seeds she had planted have started growing. We then headed to the animal shelter to see Whiskers. We were unable to see Whiskers yesterday because she had been at the Veterinarian getting a new cast put on. Little Chick has been visiting the cat every day to give it love. She was sad when we were not able to see her yesterday. Today Little Chick hopped right into the cage with the cat and immediately Whiskers put her head on Little Chick's leg. After the shelter we spent some time with friends at the splash park. It was over 90 degrees today and very humid. When we came back home Grandma Hen came over and I did some surprise stuff for Little Chick's birthday on Saturday. Then during dinner Little Chick's 9th tooth was very loose and it finally came out. She put it in our traditional mini suitcase for her fairy Oceana Wavey. What a fun day!

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