Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lolli and Thanksgiving Thursday

"A loving heart may seem filled to capacity, but will always have room to love more and more." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick and I adopted a rescue dog from Arkansas. She is a beautiful little Beagle who has been through many sad experiences in her past. Because she came from an unkind place I told Little Chick that we had to be extra soft, warm and gentle with her. We took her home on Tuesday night and she was very ill. I spent the entire first night up with her outside while she tried desperately to go to the bathroom. We went to the Vet yesterday and she has a huge ear infection and colitis due to all the stress she had been through. I have kept her by my side and have caressed her a lot assuring her that we are warm and kind and that she is safe. She received a shot and has been on medication since last night and was able to sleep. She is still not well, but at least is surrounded by love - the first medicine and most important one to getting better! We named her Lolli. You know Little Chick loves delicious lollipops. Have a great Thanksgiving Thursday!
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) For all the amazing people who go out of their way to rescue animals and find homes for them. 3.) For Lolli and all of our furry babies. 4.) Little Chick's huge heart. 5.) I love my dear friends Marcy and Geri!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little Chick Loses Her Second Tooth

"Oh how magnificent it is to see one's child smile from ear to ear." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick lost her second tooth today! We have been waiting for this tooth to come out. I was so happy when I saw her pull it out. I had missed the first one and wanted so much to see this one come out. She was so excited to bring the tooth downstairs and put it in the little suitcase we had placed it in the first time. She can't wait to put it under her pillow tonight. Have a very happy Smile Sunday!Shake, shake, shake! Yup, the tooth is in there.
Ready to put it under the pillow.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Chick's Graduation

"To watch our children learn, grow and accomplish goals, fills a parent's heart with complete joy." ~Mama Hen
Yesterday was Little Chick's graduation from Preschool. She is so excited to go to Kindergarten. It was so much fun watching her and her friends enter the room with their graduation caps on. Little Chick beamed a huge smile when she saw Papa Rooster, Grandma Hen and myself in her classroom. She sang three wonderful songs and then went up for her diploma. She could not wait to run over and give all of us a big hug and kiss. The children then celebrated with yummy pizza and cupcakes. It was a wonderful day! I am so proud of you Little Chick!

Little Chick noticing all of us waving to her.
Congratulations Little Chick!
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family 2.) Education and to be in a country where we are so fortunate to have it. 3.) Little Chick overcoming her fear of putting her head under the water. Yesterday she swam for hours and kept on immersing her head. I am so proud of you beautiful baby! 4.) For having lost 17 pounds. 5.) For the will and strength to stay focused and keep working out every day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabulous Weekend in Vermont

"Let go and let the wind guide you where ever it may blow. The destination might surprise you with something so incredibly wondrous."
~Mama Hen
I am all about surprises and creating fun memories for my family. We decided last minute to take a trip to Vermont and see the Hot Air Balloon Festival. In all my 40 years I have never seen a hot air balloon in real life and I must say that it was breathtaking! We drove up on Saturday to our favorite little Inn and of course took Little Chick for a swim. We then had a delicious dinner and headed in for the night. On Sunday we went to the Billing's Farm to visit all of Little Chick's furry friends;. She loved the baby cows! We then went to try out the outdoor pool and found that we were frozen Popsicles after one lap, so we got out and headed to the indoor pool where we had a fantastic time. After a nap we went for dinner and then to the Balloon Festival. Little Chick was so excited! We stood right in the middle of the balloons as they were starting to fill with air. It was an incredible experience. On Monday we went swimming one more time and then back to the farm before heading home. A spectacular weekend!

Breakfast at the Inn.

At the farm.

Outdoor swim? Burrrrrrrrr!
My little swimmer.

Ah the indoor pool. That is much better!
Dinner at Simon Pearce.
See the first balloon blowing up?

Little Chick's balloon.


Back at the farm.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear Daddy

"Your brilliant light carries on in all of those who have been fortunate enough to know you."
~Mama Hen
Dear Daddy,
Your presence is missed every day. You were the light that guided me through my youth. You had an incredible gift to make everyone laugh and smile. You were always there for family, friends and anyone in need. Friends would go to you for your wisdom and guidance. You were so respected and an outstanding contributor to our community. You made sure to create a strong foundation for both of your children. You filled it with love, kindness, morals, values, respect and a solid education. You made sure that we never forgot how blessed we are and instilled in us the need to "give back". You never asked anything of anyone you would not do yourself 150%. Your journey was definitely not an easy one, but you taught us to climb mountains and to keep climbing until we reached the top. Nothing could get in our way unless we allowed it to. You showed us that dreams are important and that obtaining them means we must work at it. You provided a home for us that was magnificent, but always reminded us to thank the dear Lord each and every day. You started with nothing and taught us that working hard can and will help us to reach our goal. Not only were you incredibly successful, but you then shared it with others. You always opened up our home to others to enjoy. If someone had nowhere to go for the holidays you extended an invitation and made sure they felt like family. You encouraged me to be the best me possible and although I feel lost without you at times, your strength and light always comes shining though. My daughter carries the same light and your beautiful spirit lives on in her. You were so loved and your passing will always leave a hole in my heart until we may meet again.
Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Little Baker and Thanksgiving Thursday

"To share a passion with a loved one is heavenly." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick and I love to bake! We have so much fun together! I call her my Little Baker. Today we decided to try a new recipe for blueberry tarts. I have never made a tart before, but had lots of blueberries and thought it might be a great way to use them up. I found and easy recipe on line (Blueberry Tart Recipe) and it ended up being the best thing we ever baked. Little Chick had a wonderful time following each step creating her little blueberry tarts. We invited Grandma Hen over for coffee and tarts and she absolutely loved our creation. We are now excited to make more tarts very soon: apple, peach, strawberry and whatever we can come up with. Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!
Taking the first bite.
Ahhhhhhh scrumptious!
Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) Enjoying baking with my beautiful daughter and being able to share it with my mom. 3.) For my friend Marcy who always brightens my day and gives me strength when I feel weak." 4.) For my Dad who instilled courage, love and selflessness within me. 5.) For my mom and sister who would do anything for our family.


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