Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pengins, Penguins, Pengins

"If you are going to have a passion, do it with all of your heart." ~Mama Hen

Every one has something in particular they love. When I was a child I loved koala bears and dancing. Little Chick absolutely adores penguins! This passion of hers started about a year ago when my mom gave her the movie Happy Feet. It is her favorite movie! She also has the soundtrack and plays it in her CD player over and over while she makes her many stuffed penguins dance. It is the cutest thing to watch. Today we went to the Maritime Aquarium to see the penguins. We are members and love to go often. The penguins will only be there for one more month, so I thought it would be great to take Little Chick as often as we can. Little Chick's room has a penguin boarder that I created, she has many penguin books we read again and again and the movie to Happy Feet is her first request when I say she can pick out something special to watch. There is something so comforting in having a passion.

We love watching IMAX movies! Today we had the theater all to ourselves. VIP style!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cherished Moments Monday - Christmas Spirit

"Get the magic of the season started by making something special." ~Mama HenWe started getting the Christmas spirit going by making a holiday wreath and a gingerbread house. This wreath is an easy and fun project to do. I made a round cut out and Little Chick smooshed up green tissue paper and stuck it on to the cut out. We then added a red felt bow and some beads. Very cute and so easy. We went to a local Christmas fair that all the proceeds were going to the Make a Wish Foundation and to the children at our local hospital. We supported them and bought a gingerbread kit. Little Chick had a lot of fun making her house and eating the decorations as she went along. We have been reading the Gingerbread Baby every day, so she thought this was a lot of fun! We are super excited that Christmas is on its way!
Have a great week!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Smile Sunday - Christmas Traditions

"Make the holidays special by creating new traditions with the ones you love." ~Mama Hen
Ever since I was on my own I decided that all of my Christmas tree ornaments would be handmade by me. Every year I would make new ornaments and as my tastes changed I passed them along to my sister and started new ones. The past few Christmases have been the most special ones because I have been able to make ornaments with my daughter. They are my favorite ones hanging on the tree. It is something so special that we do each year and I am excited to make more this season. Here is a picture of my tree last year. Happy Smile Sunday!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Love Has A Power

"If you really want something you have to do what it takes to get it." ~Mama Hen Up until tonight I have not seen Belle jump on any kitchen chairs. She and Pudding got some Thanksgiving turkey today and she came back for more. I walked into the kitchen at 10:30 PM to find her peering at the pot the turkey was in. Our little kitty knows what she likes and is very persistant on accompishing her goal. My mom was also very determined to get out of bed and make sure Little Chick had a great Thanksgiving. She was in so much pain, but wouldn't have it any other way. Love has a power that carries us through the most difficult times. Below the Thanksgiving pictures are some photos from yesterday after I picked Little Chick up from school. We went to take care of my mom and cheer her up. Little Chick is the best medicine for my mom. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday

"Give thanks for the loved ones in your life.
They are what makes life truly special." ~Mama Hen
Happy Thanksgiving Thursday my dear bloggy friends! It is a special day to come together with family and friends and reflect on the abundance of blessings that have been bestowed upon us throughout the year and our lives. This is a very difficult year for my mom and I pray that she may have some sort of relief from the agony she has been in for a week. I am not sure if we will be able to do anything this year to celebrate, but we will be giving thanks. This Thanksgiving Thursday I am thankful for:

1.) Little Chick and my family.
2.) All of the caring people who have been so supportive during this difficult time.
3.) For finding the strength and energy to keep pushing through even though I just want to take a moment and cry.
4.) For yummy apple pie, turkey and tasty mashed potatoes. Thank you dear Lord for providing my family and I with nutritious food every day.
5.) Thank you God for the countless blessings you bestow upon me with each day. I know many blessings go without my giving thanks and I want you to know that I am truly thankful for absolutely everything!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reflecting On Our Journey

"How quickly time flies when you don't realize its flying!" ~Mama Hen

Today, while helping my mom, I found this picture of her from back in the day. She can recall the day, the year, the feeling and the dress. It made me think about how important it is to create the happiest moments possible. Throughout our lives we will be reminiscing and reflecting on our journey. It got me questioning about life. Was it a good one? Am I fulfilled? How do I continue to move forward and assure that the memories I create will be as happy as the others? Seeing my mom in such excruciating pain has left me overwhelmed with emotion. I am the only one who is around to take care of her and with Little Chick's Mono still taking the stuffing out of her I feel a bit like I am walking through a thick cloud. I know God is with me and guiding me, but I am still hoping for a moment of "quiet" and "peace" for all of us. After seeing the doctor yesterday we learned that my mom will need surgery. This opens up more worry and concern. Thank you bloggy friends for all of the support. I really appreciate it!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Adorable Ornament Giveaway

I am so excited to do a giveaway with www.personalizedfree.com! I was asked to choose an ornament to review and I chose the penguins (Little Chick's favorite) and had it personalized. It came promptly and I absolutely love it! They are so cute for the Christmas tree or to add as decorations on garland, a wreath or around the house. I have to say that there are so many beautiful ornaments to choose from, as well as themes. This is a great giveaway that you should not miss.

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Visit www.personalizedfree.com and choose the ornament you would like if you win. Please write it in the comment. Make sure to leave me your e-mail as well so I can contact you if you win.

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I was not compensated for this giveaway. I was given an ornament to review. Entries are for U.S residents only. Make sure to leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win. Giveaway closes on December 1, 2010. You have 24 hours to claim your ornament before another winner will be chosen.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Smile Sunday - Many Thanks

"Each day is a gift. Make sure to enjoy this "present" we have been given and give thanks." ~Mama Hen

Thank you to all of my dear friends who have given me support during a very stressful and difficult time. The two people in the picture to the left are my whole world! Little Chick and I love and need my mom in our lives. The other day was truly frightening for me and I am thankful that it was not life threatening. However, for the period of time that I thought it was, it was the scariest thing since my Dad's passing. I felt so many emotions and it absolutely took the stuffing out of me. Watching my mom in all the pain she is in has been physically and emotionally painful for me. I know I need to be strong so I can help her in every way possible. Little Chick and I have been trying our best to cheer her up. We got some giggles out of my mom today and that is something worth smiling about. Have a great Smile Sunday!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

911 - Learning To Ask For Help

"Tell the people you love how much they mean to you every day! You don't know what each day will bring." ~Mama Hen I got a call this afternoon from my mom and she was crying and incoherent. All I heard was that she felt a numb, tingling feeling in the left side of her body. I panicked! The last time I got a call like that I raced to the hospital and my Dad was dead. I immediately called my friend (who is an angel here on Earth) and asked if she would come and get Little Chick. She said, "Call 911!" I did and then I brought my daughter to the next door neighbor and raced to my mom's house which is five minutes away. I was so scared and shaking! I heard the sirens and I knew they were for her. I drove behind a police car that was racing to her house. I did not care and drove the same speed. I figured if he stopped me I could tell him we are going to the same place. Sure enough he pulled into my mom's driveway. The fire engine and ambulance were already there. I could not get in the house fast enough! A police officer stopped me and said I had to calm down before I go and see my mom. I could hear her screaming in pain. I went and saw her sitting in the kitchen with quite a few people checking on her. I have never seen her like this - ever. She was crying in excruciating pain.

She was quickly brought to the hospital. I followed the ambulance with such fear and panic. My mom means the world to me and Little Chick. My wonderful friend's (the same angel that I can't thank enough) husband is a cardiologist and she had him meet my mom when she arrived. He was so sweet and my mom found it so comforting to see a familiar face. He said that what my mom was experiencing was not a stroke, however, tests would be done to see what was creating all the pain in her left side. Every two minutes my mom would scream in agony as her entire side from neck to toe shot a pain that she could hardly bear. It was terrible to see her like this and not being able to do anything about it.

She was given a strong pain killer and a Valium that did not help the pain. She was pulled in for an MRI and a CAT scan. They found a herniated disc in her neck that was creating such pain every few minutes.

Today was the first time I had someone watch Little Chick. She loves my friend and her children are her best buddies, but she has always been with me when we have play dates. I also had my neighbor come at night again and try to help her go to sleep, which is another thing she has never experienced. She did not get to sleep, but by 10:30 PM I was able to return home and she fell asleep in two minutes.

Today I learned to ask others for help. It is not such an easy task for me, but I needed to do it so I could be there for my mom. I am so grateful for the kindness my friend and neighbor had shown me during this frightening time. My mom was discharged, but the pain is the same. I will need to take her to see a specialist to see how we can help the herniated disc. Until then she will continue to be in severe pain.

Thanksgiving Thursday

"Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and be grateful for the many daily blessings we are given. I think Thanksgiving should be celebrated 365 days a year." ~Mama Hen

For this Thanksgiving Thursday I am thankful for:
1.) Little Chick and my family.
2.) For always having God close in my heart and in my mind. He gives me hope and strength when I begin to feel lost and helpless.
3.) Hot cocoa and marshmallows on a cold rainy day.
4.) For the love and affection I see Little Chick giving her kitten, Belle. The two are so adorable!
5.) Little Chick's Pottery Barn big girl bed and room. She loves cuddling up with her new duvet and little kitten by her side.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cherished Moments Monday - Boots

"Each child is born with the pure gift to love.
We must nurture that gift so it carries on for a lifetime."
~Mama Hen
Little Chick had a kitty cat before our cute little Belle. It was a stray that came to us one day and we of course took it in. We named her Boots. Little Chick loved this cat so much! She was beautiful and very loving. She had also been outside fending for herself for quite sometime and she was feral. I also think she had been mistreated and at times she was quick to bite and hiss. This worried me with my daughter, so I looked long and hard for a good home for Boots. She also preferred to be outside when she pleased and come in when it was cold. I worried a lot about her. After six months I was able to find a business with a heated barn for her. This was a perfect setting, because she could catch lots of mice (which she loved to do and was really good at) and it gave her the freedom she really needed. However, it broke all of our hearts, especially Little Chicks. Since Boots went to the farm last November there had not been a day that Little Chick did not remind me of how much she missed Boots. She knew she had gone to a farm to catch a lot of mice, but it still did not heal her pain of loss. When we went to the Humane Society to visit the animals a couple of weeks ago, Belle and my daughter played and played. The giggle and joy Little Chick had in her eyes and demeanor made me know that this little kitty was hers to take home. We miss Boots and will always love her.
Boots and Pudding
Little Chick loved Boots!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Smile Sunday - Accomplishments

"No matter how old or young we are and how great or small an accomplishment we complete, it is so important to recognize it and feel a sense of joy, pride and satisfaction." ~Mama Hen

The other day Little Chick came running into the kitchen beaming with delight! She said, "Mommy, come quickly, I have to show you something!" I immediately followed her into the family room and she said, "Look! I did the puzzle all by myself!" She was so excited! I picked her up and swung her around and we did a little dance. I told her how proud I was of her. It was the first time she had done this puzzle matching the words with the picture. This was a great accomplishment and she knew it. I made sure that she knew that I recognized it and I could praise her as much as I could.
Have a great Smile Sunday!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Have Learned

"Our lives are filled with lessons to be lived and learned from. What we do with our lessons will either keep us stagnant or help us to grow." ~Mama Hen
When I started blogging I did a post using the poem "I have learned". It is a piece of writing that always gets me thinking and reflecting. Today I am writing my own I have learned list to look upon and think about as my journey continues. In my short thirty nine years I have experienced an abundance of love, laughter, pain, loss, and challenges. Here are some of the lessons I have learned along the way:

I have learned that our friends may not stay for a lifetime, but they do serve a purpose for the time spent together. It is up to us to learn from that connection and grow.

I have learned that the expectations we may have had for our lives in our youth may change, however the outcome has a reason far greater than what we can comprehend at times.

I have learned that if you want to get something done, often you must do it yourself.

I have learned that the stresses in adulthood may be overwhelming at times, but time spent with our children can immediately relieve the stress and leave us smiling.

I have learned that there is nothing at all more important then loving our children and spending as much time playing, laughing and cuddling with them.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Chick, Belle and Thanksgiving Thursday

"One of the greatest gifts is to see our children smile with utmost joy." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick is so happy with her new little kitty. She was really excited to pick her up for the first time yesterday. Before that she had always been afraid to pick up cats or dogs, but she was ready and overjoyed when she could walk around with her precious new companion. We made turkeys to decorate our kitchen window. We make things every holiday and it is fun to enjoy Little Chick's beautiful artwork when we are eating and when we are playing outside.
For this Thanksgiving Thursday I am grateful for:
1.) Little Chick and my family.
2.) Our adorable kitten - Belle. She is so loving and fun to be with!
3.) Creativity! I love to be creative with Little Chick!
4.) My car! It has been in the shop for days and thankfully I have a loaner, but I did have to rent a car for a few days and that was not cheap and it was a hassle.
5.) For love! For the ability to love purely and with abundance.


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