Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Thursday & Our Wonderful Friends

"The blessing of friendship deserves the greatest of thanks." ~Mama Hen 
Today was a very special day! Little Chick and I met Annette and Little Lewie for the second time at a really fun bounce house. Annette is my dear bloggy friend from Mommy Spirit. We met through blogging when I first started blogging in 2010. We have enjoyed watching our children grow up on our blogs. Now it is so special to see our little ones having a super time together! Annette and I finally met one another over the summer. The children hit it off swimming all day and Annette has gone from being my really great "bloggy friend" to a "dear friend". It was a rainy day here in Connecticut today and meeting at a bouncy house was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. I am so happy we were able to meet up and look forward to apple picking soon with our fantastic friends!
Thanksgiving Thursday:
1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) The blessing of friendship. 3.) Meeting our super friends Annette and Little Lewie for an afternoon of fun. 4.) The wonderful experience of being able to foster kittens. 5.) For my mom and all the care and love she shows my daughter and myself all the time. I love you mommy!  

The Joy of Art

"Creativity through art allows us to bring our inner happiness to life." ~Mama Hen  
Little Chick learned about Georges Seurat in our Brownies meeting on Monday and wanted to use his creative pointillism at home to make a beautiful autumn painting. She also learned about textured painting and murals with her Brownie group. Today she created the beginning stage of a Tiffany style stained glass art with her classmates. When it dries and she can finish it we will be sure to share the pictures. Little Chick is my wonderful Little Artist! And finally, Jellybean and Little Chick continue to have fun each day playing with string, jingly kitty cat toys and Grandma Hen.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Love at First Sight

"God blesses us all with an abundance of love.
We must cherish this present and let it show every moment." ~Mama Hen
Little Chick has been a foster mommy to kittens for four weeks now and doing a fabulous job! I am so proud of her! One little kitty was very attached to Little Chick from the very first day. While all the other kittens would run around and play, while Little Chick is in the room this little kitty would walk right over to her and climb into her lap. Little Chick has been snuggling with her from day one and one could say it was love at first sight. I surprised Little Chick with letting her know that this one particular kitty is not just being fostered by her any more. She is now the mommy. Little Chick was elated upon the news! On the first day Little Chick had already named all of the little kittens in her care. The kitty that is now her baby is named Jellybean.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Autumn in the Air

"Cooler air, apple picking, pumpkins and the beautiful colors of leaves changing. Oh, how we love the hint of autumn in the air!" ~Mama Hen 
Little Chick has been enjoying the cooler weather and getting ready for autumn. She made a beautiful wreath for the door and lots of red and green apples to decorate our windows. She has been enjoying time with friends outdoors and has been working hard on her school work. Between it all she has been taking care of all the little kittens we are fostering and making sure that Whiskers is on the road to recovery. We also helped the stray cat that has been around our yard and made sure to get her vaccinated and spayed. Little Chick started back with Brownies and has been having a wonderful time! This week she and her troop made cards for the soldiers to put in care package our church will be sending next week. It has been a fabulous few weeks since my last post. 

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