Saturday, January 22, 2011

Continue to Reach for the Stars

"Firmly planted, our roots grow to astounding heights. With twists and turns, through all kinds of weather, strength and breaks, our branches continue to reach for the stars." ~Mama Hen
Life comes with many surprises! Much like these trees reaching up to the sky, we all must reach for our greatest potential. We may feel weighed down from time to time through stormy weather, and our hearts and bodies will be broken. However, with God standing by our side, and family and friends encouraging us to push forward, we grow - we grow stronger. It is all the elements we endure that help us to be who we are. The question is, who do we want to be? It can be easy to let life's challenges get the best of us, but knowing we can simply look up makes everything possible.

What keeps you strong and pushing forward?


  1. God and prayer keep me going along with friends that stand by my side.

  2. Mama Hen, this is such a strengthening post! I love that photo of the tree branches, it illustrates so well of reaching for the stars. For sure God keeps me pushing forward and I think your question is key: Who do we want to be? What do we dream about? I hope you have a great weekend, my friend!

  3. MamaHen, thank you for stopping by earlier today.

    this is such an inspiring post. In times when i wanted to give up its been God, family and good friends who He has blessed me with, who kept me press on.

    Have a beautiful weekend!!

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring post! God and my family keeps me reaching upward. Hope you have wonderful weekend! Stay warm! love, Candace

  5. Mama Hen, Keeping strong is a gift from God. Since, I do not have children, my family lives far away, and my husband is wrapped up in his world - it is simply God that keeps me strong.

  6. Great and encouraging post, Mama Hen! What keeps me looking forward is knowing that God is real, that He made us with a purpose in life - to bring honor and glory to Him, and that He loved us enough to rescue us.

  7. Great metaphor for life. You always encourage me! Xo

  8. My faith in God. The scripture. Knowing there there is no place I will go where he hasn't already been....and bloggers who support each other :)



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