Saturday, January 8, 2011

We Love the Snow

"A simple snow fall can bring such happiness and joy! Sledding, rolling around, making a snowman, catching snowflakes on our tongues, and giggling together-our hearts are filled!" ~Mama Hen Let it snow!
Our fun hill in the backyard!

Time for night sledding!
Roll the snow!
Little Chick makes a snowman!

Every snowman needs a nose. A carrot nose!
A proud Little Chick and a very cool snowman.
You have to catch the snow on your tongue!
We hope you are having fun!
Have a great weekend!
You know what we will be doing!


  1. sooooo FUN! She looks SOOOOO happy, Mama! You are a fabulous mom for taking advantage of those memorable moments as much as possible :)

    I Wish it would snow here...just once! Geez, last year we had a slight drizzle, never would stick and melted by the time it hit our clothes. I guess I'll keep living through you two building those FUN snowmen!!!

  2. Snow is fun... We have had just the right amount of snow this year so far. Lots of fun, but not to much shoveling.

  3. She is ridiculously adorable!! Snow is fun!

    **LOL and I do love to clean, but it is very difficult with 3 lil one because I really, really get into the zone!

  4. WOW! Oh my gosh, So cute!! Those are such awesome pictures and it looks SO fun!

    I am jealous and wish we were having snow fun!

    Those are moments that she will treasure for all her life!!

    Happy New Year Mama!

  5. Little Chick is always so happy!!! We plan to go out and enjoy the snow in our backyard today. (I'm so excited that "playing in the snow" is really the only thing on our agenda for the entire day.) Have a wonderful weekend, Mama Hen, and I hope your husband is feeling better everyday!

  6. I heard we're in for more of it come Tuesday!!

  7. Isn't it fun to have your very own sledding hill! Cute pics, Little Chick! Have a happy Saturday.

  8. we do too!! what FUN pics : ) and like you said, super fun memories for both you and little chick. so many fun activities to do with snow.

    we've had a ton of snow this year but it's been super cold too so the snow is really hard. we've done our share of sledding but haven't been able to build a snowman since november .....

    happy new year!

  9. Looks like great times at your house! The snowman is one of the best I've seen. Hope your having a nice weekend

  10. These pictures are too cute! I love Little Chick's snowman. Georgia's been sick this week, so we won't be enjoying any snow together this weekend. Maybe next weekend... Hope you're having a great weekend!

  11. Look at how sweet she is all bundled up. Even though the snow makes me cold just looking at it, I know she's nice and warm. :)

    She sure did a good job on that snowman. You captured some great shots with her. Great memories. :)

  12. The snowman is bigger than Little Chick!!
    Thank you to everyone who left me e-mails on my site these past 3 days. It is very, very appreciated. Mama Hen had a lot to do with it sending you to the site. Bless you all!!!!
    :( Bianca

  13. You have such a beautiful daughter! I love her smile! Hope your hubby is doing better! Keep enjoying that snow! :)

  14. These pictures are so adorable! I love how little chicks POPS in her PINK!!! Cutest in the world!!!!

  15. Sooo fun!!! I wish we had some snow to play with!!

  16. You make me miss snow and that is really hard to do!



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