Friday, October 12, 2012

Magnificent Show & Thanksgiving Thursday

"Pack a lunch and head outside for the greatest show ever! God has blessed us all with a daily showing of ever abundant beauty." ~Mama Hen 
The past few days have been amazing! On Wednesday it was a drizzly misty day and we could not wait to go hiking at the Basin. We trekked aside the cascading water along a very rooted path. When we got to a beautiful spot filled with water, magnificent Autumn foliage, and humongous boulders Little Chick asked if she could eat her lunch. We have become accustomed to packing snacks and eating while attending the most spectacular show on earth - God's daily showing of utter magnificence! I never could understand when someone says that they are bored. Step outside and simply look around. The ever changing beauty God has given us second after second is outstanding. And even more amazing is that it is never the same show! On Thursday we went to the Polar Caves. It was gorgeous! We had so much fun climbing through the caves. Little Chick had a blast! And today the day started with pouring rain and we went to the Science Center. We love going there to see the Bobcats, Mountain Lions, Bears and variety of birds. It has been so stupendous exploring New Hampshire once again.

Thanksgiving Thursday: 1.) Little Chick and my family. 2.) The ever change in nature. It is the most beautiful show! 3.) Sharing my love for nature with my beautiful daughter! 4.) Making wishes upon a starlit sky. 5.) The smell of fireplaces burning in the air on a cool crisp evening.


  1. What a great opening Mama Hen quotation! So true. Love the photos. Looks like a wonderful time!

  2. Fall does put on a spectacular show! Not much here yet but I am enjoying the crisp mornings! Looks like a great trip!

  3. What beautiful sights! I've never seen a live bear up close because nature park/reserve doesn't have any. And the last time I went to zoo was in middle school and they didn't have bears there either. I've seen plenty of stuffed ones though.

  4. oh my gosh, SUCH gorgeous views! not sure there's anything that breathtaking around here in Texas...if there was, we'd be there :) awesome!

  5. Absolutely breath taking! Those views are gorge!

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  6. All 3 of you look really awesome!!!! Healthy living up North!!
    Beautiful pics!!
    All peaceful, all good!!


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